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5 Tips to Save the Wall Street Datacenter
Jason Matlof, VP Worldwide Marketing, A10 NetworksCommentary
Though cloud computing and SaaS are all the rage, there is still a need for proprietary Wall Street datacenters, as long as they are run efficiently.
By Jason Matlof ,
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The Art and Science of Leveraging Cloud Infrastructure
David Meitz, Managing Director, CTO at ITGCommentary
Now that cloud providers have addressed many of the more practical concerns of their users, data segregation has become the major challenge in cloud deployments.
By David Meitz, Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer, ITG ,
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A Field Guide to Identifying Platforms for Risk & Finance
John Lankenau, Vice President – Product Management, Primatics FinancialCommentary
Platforms can fundamentally change the way banks perform key functions.
By John Lankenau Vice President – Product Management, Primatics Financial,
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Microsoft Enables Fast Migration Into Azure
Charles Babcock, Editor At Large, InformationWeek News
Microsoft's Migration Accelerator makes it easier for VMware and Amazon Web Services customers to move workloads into Azure.
By Charles Babcock Editor At Large, InformationWeek ,
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Half of Financial Services Companies Plan to Adopt SDN
Andrew Bach, Chief Architect, Financial Services Team, Juniper NetworksCommentary
Juniper survey finds 56% of finance respondents plan to adopt software-defined networking within a year.
By Andrew Bach Chief Architect, Financial Services Team, Juniper Networks,
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The BYOD Challenge
Bryan Yurcan, Associate Editor, Bank Systems and TechnologyCommentary
Having a policy in place to manage mobile devices used by employees for work purposes is necessary in this current day.
By Bryan Yurcan Associate Editor, Bank Systems and Technology,
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Performance Monitoring Key to Smooth Infrastructure Modernization
John Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances, Virtual InstrumentsCommentary
As banks consider how to shift infrastructure and storage solutions, they can’t afford to lose visibility into performance.
By John Gentry Vice President of Marketing and Alliances, Virtual Instruments,
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Enterprise IT Swings Back to Insourcing
Greg MacSweeney, Editorial DirectorNews
Insourcing is becoming more common as businesses try to leverage newer technologies and tools to create business opportunities.
By Greg MacSweeney Editorial Director,
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Using RPA in Banking to Streamline Development
Frank J. Casale, Founder & CEO The Outsourcing Institute and The Institute for Robotic Process AutomationCommentary
As the returns on outsourcing decline, firms are looking for other ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the IT organization. Robotic Process Automation may help.
By Frank J. Casale Founder & CEO The Outsourcing Institute and The Institute for Robotic Process Automation,
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A Guide to Physical Datacenter Security
Natalie Lehrer, Contributing WriterCommentary
Datacenters are generally known to be extremely secure facilities. However, physical breaches do happen, and they sometimes occur very easily.
By Natalie Lehrer Contributing Writer,
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What Will the Financial Back Office of Tomorrow Look Like?
Melvin Jayawardana, European Market Manager, ConfluenceCommentary
Asset managers are increasingly looking to automate their manual back office workflows. Confluence calls it the "back office revolution."
By Melvin Jayawardana European Market Manager, Confluence,
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Staying Ahead of the Game With Continuous Delivery
Christopher Seiwald, Founder & CEO, Perforce SoftwareCommentary
The need to develop better software faster is leading financial organizations to continuous delivery (CD), a practice pioneered by SaaS companies like Salesforce.
By Christopher Seiwald Founder & CEO, Perforce Software,
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The Mainframe Innovation Drag
Adam Honoré, CEO at MarketsTech, LLCCommentary
It may be time for a consortium of firms motivated around the objective of eliminating the mainframe. What if every self-clearing firm decided to participate in building a modern, back-office system as an open-source, cloud-based project?
By Adam Honoré CEO at MarketsTech, LLC,
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Investment Bank Prager Takes New Approach to CRM
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorNews
Prager & Co. is one of a growing number of financial service firms turning to customer relationship management (CRM) technology to improve customer success.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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Tech Titans: Midyear Report Card
Mike Feibus, Analyst, TechKnowledge Strategies
Amazon, Google, and other major tech players went on a shopping spree in the first half of 2014. Here's a look at who won, who lost, and why -- along with a peek ahead.
By Mike Feibus Analyst, TechKnowledge Strategies,
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Are You Ready for the Mobile Enterprise?
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorNews
In addition to supporting external customers, banks need to support their own increasingly mobile employee base.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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Moving Beyond Buy-Side Cloud Computing Myths
Kevin McPartland, Principal, Market Structure and Technology, Greenwich AssociatesCommentary
Security and compliance are certainly concerns for buy-side firms looking to use the cloud, but it shouldn't hold everyone back from cloud-based technology.
By Kevin McPartland Principal, Market Structure and Technology, Greenwich Associates,
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Chipmaking Spending Boom Coming
Peter Clarke,
Spurred by improved economy and optimism over Internet of Things and wearable devices, semiconductor industry forecasts two years of growth.
By Peter Clarke ,
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Demystifying the Financial Services Myths Around Legacy IT
Miten Marfatia, CEO, EvolveWareCommentary
Contrary to the industry's popular belief, there is no silver bullet when it comes to properly upgrading a corporate IT environment. A multi-phased process must be embraced.
By Miten Marfatia CEO, EvolveWare,
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Financial Industry Infrastructure in Need of Rebuild
Allan Grody, President of Financial Intergroup Holdings LtdCommentary
The C suites are responsible for tearing down silo thinking and reengineering the financial system. So far, they've left much to be desired.
By Allan Grody President of Financial Intergroup Holdings Ltd,
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In addition to regular audits, the SEC will start to scrutinize the cyber-security preparedness of market participants.
7 Unusual Behaviors That Indicate Security Breaches
7 Unusual Behaviors That Indicate Security Breaches
Breaches create outliers. Identifying anomalous activity can help keep firms in compliance and out of the headlines.