November 2009

Wall Street's Top Technology Leaders Survive and Thrive
Managing IT during a bull market is relatively easy. Managing a technology organization during a financial crisis is a different story. WS&T recognizes seven IT leaders who have driven exceptional technology innovation during the past year.

The 2009 Gold Book

Managing IT With a Long View
While many financial firms have been forced to budget and manage on a quarter-to-quarter basis during the financial crisis, successful information technology managers have been able to plan and manage with view to long term objectives.

Kaufman Praises SEC Proposed Ban On Flash Orders, But Seeks Broad Review
Senator urges regulator to examine high frequency trading, colocation and dark pools, as well as direct market access.

Could Social Networks Help Risk Managers?
Why current risk models and practices don't work, and whether risk managers will be willing to share ideas in open forums.

54% of CIOs Forbid Use of Social Networks at Their Companies
Less than 20% allow social networking for business purposes.

Proposed NIF Aims to Reduce Risk By Analyzing All Trade Data
Why Morgan Stanley is backing a quasi-governmental group that would collect and analyze trade data to help regulators identify systemic risks.

Six Ways to Cut Your Data Center Energy Bill
The best and least disruptive way is to retool cooling, according to Adam Fairbanks at Bluestone Energy.

Wall Streeters Bullish on Bonuses, Survey Finds
57% of financial services professionals expect their year-end bonuses to be flat or higher than last year's payout.

Wall Street Compensation and Investment: A Different Take
The likelihood of deferred compensation may trouble Wall Street professionals. But on the bright side, it should fuel a deferred compensation-based investment boom.

Wall Street & Technology's 2009 Gold Book Honoree Gallery
Check out this year's honorees and read expanded bios of each executive in this exclusive gallery.

BlackRock's Analytics Pay Off in More Ways Than One
BlackRock's valuation analytics are so well-respected that the firm made a business out of them. Now the federal government is one of its top customers.

NYSE Euronext Innovates at Warp Speed
NYSE Euronext and CIO Steve Rubinow are focused on doing things faster, including communication, development and, of course, competing in the low-latency trading arena.

Goldman Sachs Sets Gold Standard for IT Innovation
By focusing on in-house development capabilities and a culture of collaboration, Goldman Sachs has built outstanding risk management and algorithmic trading products. Joseph Squeri, global head of equities technology, explains how the firm does it.

Allianz Global Investors' Small Application-Support Team Provides Big Results
Allianz Global Investors' three investment management companies will soon run on a single platform maintained by a tiny 33-person IT team that is managed by Steve Rapp, managing director and CTO.

Morgan Stanley Aims for the Clouds
David Reilly, CIO of Enterprise Infrastructure, heads Morgan Stanley's industry-leading cloud and virtualization initiatives. He's not afraid to rely on vendors for substantial chunks of these and other projects.

Fidelity Investments' Unwavering Commitment to the Mobile Channel
From the beginning, Fidelity has recognized the value of providing customers with a complete mobile offering, and chief wireless officer Joseph Ferra is committed to creating the best user experience possible.

TradeKing Embraces Social Networks
Online investing/social networking site TradeKing is tapping interactive community-building tools to breathe new life into the online brokerage space.

E-Discovery: Remembering Forgotten Data
Electronic discovery is proving to be one of the most powerful tools in the corporate and legal arsenal. As corporations come to rely more heavily on e-discovery, however, some serious flaws in traditional e-discovery processes have become more and more prevalent.