What Keeps CIOs Awake At Night

The top quotes from Tabb Group's MarketTech 2012.
June 06, 2012

Cloud computing challenges, compliance headaches and retaining fickle young talent in a world of shrinking bonuses were some of the topics discussed at yesterday's MarketTech 2012. Sponsored by Tabb Group, a bevy of capital markets technologists from sell-side and buy-side firms shared their thoughts -- and fears -- about what needs to be done in the arena of financial IT. The following is a sample of the quotes that caught our attention.

1. Dust Off Those Cobol Skills

With the financial services industry spending 73% of IT funds on maintenance, why would an up and coming developer come to financial services? How can that compare to building the next iPhone?

— Steven J. Sadoff, executive vice president, global head of operations, services & technology, Knight Equity Markets, on the challenge of retaining young IT talent.

Source: A TabbFORUM Event: MarketTech 2012

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