June 15, 2009

Tamalpais Asset Management (TAM) has gone live with Linedata Services’ FundManager hedge fund solution.

The firm, which specializes in global convertible bond investments and has assets under management of $160 million, will leverage FundManager to help manage the risk of its portfolio including credit, equity, volatility and interest rate hedges.

In a statement, Darren Huber, CFO of Tamalpais Asset Management, said, “In this dynamic market environment, protecting clients' assets has become paramount. TAM needed a business solution that would allow us to manage risk across multiple prime brokers and derivative counterparties.”

He added, “Our firm requires reliable and customizable portfolio reporting capabilities and FundManager provides that. We need to know where we are at any given point and with FundManager we can offer our stakeholders the transparency they demand with the click of a button. This solution will allow us to handle our current hedge fund business and will also handle expansions into managed accounts and other funds.”

Tamalpais will also be able to view P&L on a cost basis with exposures on each position, aggregated on a deal by deal basis, by prime broker holdings or across the entire portfolio.