January 25, 2010

Goral Trading Company, an asset management firm, has licensed OneMarketData’s OneTick Database for tick data management and analytics to capture, retrieve, store and analyze its financial tick data.

Albert Nigrin, principal of Goral Trading, said in a statement, “As Goral Trading moves into the equities and futures spaces, we need a solution that will not only help us manage and store this additional data, but analyze it as well. With OneTick, now we can use one unified platform for all our data management and quantitative research needs, streamlining the entire quantitative process.”

Added Richard Chmiel, vice president of global sales and marketing at OneMarketData, “We are excited to provide Goral Trading with a comprehensive solution to power its time series and statistical analyses. With OneTick Database, Goral Trading now can lower the total cost of ownership of its tick data management by eliminating the need for disparate systems and leveraging one platform to collect, store and analyze its data, regardless of asset class of frequency.”

The OneTick Database and complex event processing (CEP) offers a single platform for access to all data across equities, fixed income, futures, FX and options and full order book data. The solution compresses, stores and analyzes the data uniformly.