June 10, 2010

FinAnalytica launched version 3.2 of its Cognity risk management and portfolio allocation platform to offer risk measurement and reporting across all levels of transparency, including positions, exposures and returns.

In the latest version, Cognity offers unified risk measurement by integrating inputs of manager-provided factor exposures with portfolio positions and manager returns. Portfolio managers are able to decompose their risk in a single view regardless of the type or level of inputs.

A new rapid factor modeling process combines single and multi-factor regression analytics including both linear and non-linear setting. Coverage of asset classes continues to expand for position-based analytics, including the addition of asset-based securities, total return swaps and the expansion of futures and futures options to include energy, precious metals and agriculture.

“Transparency is king. Our multi-manager customers must be capable of responding to their investors with clear and accurate insights into the levels and sources of risk at all possible levels of information transparency,” commented FinAnalytica CEO, David Merrill, in the release.

“Our traditional asset management and hedge fund customers need an aggregate view of their risk across all types of portfolio strategies and asset classes," stated Merrill. "This release gives both groups the tools to make use of all available information, be it positions, exposures or returns, in a single analytical and reporting platform.”

Cognity 3.2 also calculates liiquidity-adjusted manager risk and performance measures.

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