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Edgar Online Unveils I-Metrix Money Market Holdings Dataset

Edgar Online, a provider of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) software, services and data, introduced its I-Metrix Money Market Holdings Dataset.

This new offering "leverages the recent Securities and Exchange Commission requirement for monthly disclosure of money market portfolio holdings," according to a company statement.

The customizable solution lets money market fund managers and risk management departments get to the data they need, allowing them to understand their risk profiles, benchmark against their competitors' risk profiles and quickly and efficiently position their funds in the market.

The Edgar release states: "As noted by the SEC in its final rule regarding Money Market Fund Reform in 2007 and 2008, money market funds were exposed to substantial losses, first from exposure to debt securities issued by structured investment vehicles, then as a result of defaults on debt securities. These events, combined with general turbulence in the financial markets, led to a run on institutional prime money market funds. To help prevent future events that could dislocate short-term credit markets and strain businesses, the SEC now requires monthly filings from money market fund companies via Form N-MFP."

"Money market fund managers want to better understand their positions and the positions of their competitors," says David Goldstein, senior managing director, Edgar Online.

He contnues: "Our I-Metrix Money Market Holdings Dataset meets that need, while also helping users better understand their risk and exposure. EDGAR Online provides fund managers and analysts with more resources for evaluating and acting on their data."

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