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Credit Suisse Spinoff Fleshes Out Virtual Sprawl Remedy

DynamicOps, the technology group that spun out of Credit Suisse last year, has a product that allegedly manages virtual desktops and servers, and lets users come in and order their own.

What Wall Street firm doesn't want to better manage its sprawl of virtual servers and desktops? And what vendor doesn't want to provide the uber management layer that firms rely on to manage their miscellany of virtual machines? Well, obviously some don't, but most vendors in the virtualization and IT management space do. The latest to throw its hat into the ring is DynamicOps, a group that spun out of Credit Suisse in the first quarter of 2008. The company's first product, which came out last fall, was for managing virtual desktops. The DynamicOps Virtual Resource Manager 3.2 release coming out today has been expanded to meet the broader (and more relevant to Wall Street) needs of virtual server sprawl.

The product is geared toward companies that have been deploying 100 or more virtual machines for a year or so, according to Rich Bordeau, vice president.

DynamicOps doesn't compete with VMware's vSphere or vCenter, which help manage the commonly used VMware virtual machines. The DynamicOps software provides a self-service portal that works with those programs to allow users (system administrators, developers, quality analysts, and in some cases actual end users) to come in and request machines or decommission machines under the guidance of pre-set policies for resource allocation and security. According to Bordeau, the product will work with Citrix, Altiris, Bladelogic and other technologies often found in virtualized environments. In addition to VMware, it will work with Hypervee and Xen virtual machines.

"We realize a lot of companies are still using VMware, but we think we'll start to see more diversity there," Bordeau says.

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