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  1. SEC Eyes Potential Order Routing DisclosuresRequiring brokers to provide more transparency into their stock order routing practices would give investors more information on where their trades are being executed.
  2. Rebuilding Financial Infrastructure for the WebEntrepreneurs are preparing for a new generation of infrastructure providers.
  3. Citi Launches Block Pricing Tool on Bloomberg App PortalCiti's Total Touch Price tool offers on-demand pricing for investors with large block orders in U.S. stocks, as part of their electronic execution workflow on the Bloomberg Professional Service.
  4. Did JVM's "Warm-Up" Cause Knight's Collapse?Some say that Knightesque “flash trades” may result from a known behavior of many Java Virtual Machine solutions and at least one vendor announces a fix.
  5. The Irresistible Rise of Agile DevelopmentBuilding responsiveness into the front office, agile development is becoming a market necessity, writes David Meitz, CTO at ITG.
  6. Who’s Afraid of Big Data?What big data can do for financial organizations and how to prepare for it.
  7. Risky Business: The Modern IT Battle PlanIdentifying the 5 key areas of technology risk in financial services
  8. Wall Street's Top Technology SchoolsCapital markets executives reveal their favorite schools for hiring computer programming and engineering graduates.
  9. On Brink of Expansion, Liquidnet Hires Bob Garrett as Head of TechnologyAs Liquidnet expands into fixed income, Garrett will focus on integrating the pending acquisition of Vega Chi into its ATS technology.
  1. The Top 10 Quant Schools, According to the Street