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  1. Did JVM's "Warm-Up" Cause Knight's Collapse?Some say that Knightesque “flash trades” may result from a known behavior of many Java Virtual Machine solutions and at least one vendor announces a fix.
  2. 5 Things to Look For Before Accepting Terms & ConditionsIs your corporate data at risk? Before uploading sensitive information to cloud services be sure to review these terms.
  3. ITG's Mobile App Measures Trading Costs on the FlyITG's Liquidity Metrics together with the first cost index helps portfolio managers and traders to understand trading costs on a daily basis.
  4. Risky Business: The Modern IT Battle PlanIdentifying the 5 key areas of technology risk in financial services
  5. Wall Street's Top Technology SchoolsCapital markets executives reveal their favorite schools for hiring computer programming and engineering graduates.
  6. Rebuilding Financial Infrastructure for the WebEntrepreneurs are preparing for a new generation of infrastructure providers.
  7. Fast and Furious: High Frequency Trading Raises HacklesMichael Lewis' new book "Flash Boys" has whipped up a furious tornado of criticism about high frequency trading. But the market and regulators need to resist the urge to ban the practice and instead embrace the notion of high frequency monitoring and surveillance.
  8. The Irresistible Rise of Agile DevelopmentBuilding responsiveness into the front office, agile development is becoming a market necessity, writes David Meitz, CTO at ITG.
  9. Complex Order Types, Fragmentation And Dark Pools, Oh My!Traders agree that market structure and some complex order types are not benefiting investors.
  1. The Top 10 Quant Schools, According to the Street