December 15, 2010

Omega ATS, a high speed alternative trading platform for Canadian exchange-listed stocks, announced that it will now allow fixed income trading on the system.

The move makes Omega ATS the first Canadian marketplace to provide open access for trading the most liquid fixed income securities, which are becoming an increasingly key instrument for the nation’s investors.

“It is well known that access to directly trade in the bond market in Canada is concentrated in the hands of a privileged few,” Omega ATS president Mike Bignell said in a statement. “As the first to offer full transparency of OTC traded fixed income instruments, we will forever change the landscape for the common investor to a setting that promotes equal and open access.”

Forefactor Chief Executive Renee Colyer said the new platform will level the playing field in the Canadian bond trading market, especially for retail investors that are competing with broker-dealers who hold the lion’s share of liquidity.

“The ability to trade these instruments on an open venue will create much greater transparency for all within the Canadian marketplace as well as globally,” Colyer said.

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