March 04, 2010

NASDAQ OMX Group launched its WebCenter360 Banking Suite, an investor relations website solution built for global, regional and community banks, which enables investors to more easily analyze a bank's performance.

The WebCenter360 Banking Suite will be powered by data and analytics from Highline Financial.

"Investor Relations websites are increasingly becoming the number one source of information for investors," said Demetrios N. Skalkotos, SVP of Global Corporate Services, NASDAQ OMX, stated in a release. "Our WebCenter360 Banking Suite is specially designed to increase the transparency of this critically important communications channel employing high quality competitive research, stock information and data from Highline Financial to those investing in the banking industry."

Terry Waters, President and CEO, Highline Financial, added: "We welcome this strategic partnership with NASDAQ OMX as the need for access to on demand banking sector data is crucial for investors to inform their daily investment and business decisions. The integration of Highline Financial data and analytics in the WebCenter360 Banking Suite will allow the delivery of timely, accurate and comprehensive banking information to NASDAQ's investor relations customers."

Integrated into the WebCenter360 banking suite, Highline Financial will provide tools that will enable investors to more easily analyze a bank's performance via a dashboard setup. Investors can access information such as Peer Analysis and Deposit Market Analysis, which ranks banks by geographic market. Utilizing these new services, bank Investment Relations Officers can provide more transparent investor communications, more efficiently.

The WebCenter360 Banking Suite leverages the legacy features of the current WebCenter360 platform and introduces comparative data tools designed for investors analyzing bank performance and shareholders researching company information. The platform can be customized to be seamlessly integrated with the brand look-and-feel of any corporate website, according to the release.

The new features include Peer Analysis, Deposit Market Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions Summary and Detail, Financial Statistics, and Deposits & Loans Composition.

Peer Analysis shows investors comparisons of financial metrics of one bank to those of its peers. This enables investor relations executives to show investors how their bank compares to its peer institutions with quick, at-a-glance data points.

Deposit Market Analysis allows website visitors to see how the bank ranks within a specific market. It compares market share analysis year-over-year so investors can see how the bank ranks at different market levels.

Mergers & Acquisitions Summary displays information about what the bank has acquired or divested on a transaction by transaction level. Mergers & Acquisitions Detail include information about the buying or selling party, the date, location, agent, financial arrangements, and specific sets of loan transactions.

Financial Statistics offers the investors an in-depth glance at banking industry-specific financial metrics.

Deposits & Loans Composition allows the investor to view the makeup of the bank's investment portfolio as broken out so that it totals 100 percent of total gross loans or gross deposits.

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