Meet the Team Behind JP Morgan’s Electronic Trading Transformation

October 28, 2011

As competition intensifies from other brokers, and buy-side firms seek best execution in a complex environment, JP Morgan has revamped its electronic trading capabilities to serve its institutional clients. A little more than 18 months ago, the investment bank hired Frank Troise as global head of Electronic Client Solutions to overhaul the bank's analytics, algorithms and dark pool offerings. Armed with a multi-year investment commitment, Troise's mission was to build out subject matter expertise in the regions and to hire a new management team that would roll out product consistently across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Hiring as many as two dozen quants over the past 18 months, the team revamped its algorithmic trading strategies and focused on aggregating internal sources of natural liquidity for its dark pool. At the same time, it overhauled technology infrastructure, networks and data centers to handle the volumes.

While the bank has a global trading platform, it also makes sure that trading models are tuned to local nuances in market structure. "We're running a global operation with products, models and infrastructure designed and deployed in various regions and then exported, whether it's from Asia to the U.S. or from Europe to the Americas," explains Troise.

--- Pictured:
Frank Troise is JP Morgan's global head of Electronic Client Solutions. He is responsible for building out the group's algorithmic trading strategies, analytics, infrastructure and dark pool offerings.

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