January 04, 2011

December 2010 was a mixed month for BATS Global Markets (BATS) – full of good news and not to great news. BATS Europe continued its growth in December, setting monthly records in five specific indices, as well as for all of Europe.

However, in the US, BATS BYX Exchange reported increased matched market share in its second full month of operation, reaching 1.3 percent compared with 0.9 percent in November. BATS overall US market share was 9.5 percent in December, compared with 9.44 percent in December 2009 and 10.2 percent in November.

US Options touched market share was 1.22 percent versus 1.3 percent in the previous month.

BATS today reported the following volume numbers for the month of December:

  • BATS Europe reported new consolidated monthly market share records in the Swiss SMI (9.1 percent), Copenhagen's OMXC20 (7.1 percent), Brussels' BEL20 (5.5 percent), Paris' CAC Next20 (5.3 percent) and Frankfurt's MDAX (5.5 percent), as well as consolidated monthly market share of 10.9 percent in the FTSE 100 and 6.2 percent in Europe overall. The MTF set monthly records in multiple indices in every month of 2010 and ends the year with 6.0 percent or more market share in 10 major European indices in December 2010.
  • The BATS US Equities Exchanges, BATS BZX Exchange and BATS BYX Exchange, combined for average daily matched volume of 643.1 million shares, representing 9.5 percent of all US cash equity share volume for the month. In November, the BATS Exchanges represented 10.2 percent of all US equity share volume.
  • BATS BZX Exchange, formerly known as BATS Exchange, recorded average daily US matched volume of 552.4 million shares, representing 8.2 percent of all US cash equity share volume for the month. In November, the BATS BZX Exchange represented 9.3 percent of all US cash equity share volume.
  • BATS BYX Exchange, the company's second US equities exchange that launched Oct. 15, 2010, recorded average daily US matched volume of 90.7 million shares, representing 1.3 percent of all US cash equity share volume for the month, up from 0.9 percent matched market share in November.
  • BATS Options recorded 2,300,577 matched US contracts in December, representing 0.7 percent overall matched market share, including a one-day matched volume record of 185,467 contracts on Dec. 15. Touched market share for the month, the standard industry measurement, was 1.22 percent. In November, BATS Options recorded touched market share of 1.3 percent.
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