April 22, 2010

Linedata Services' LongView trade order management system (OMS) now offers touch screen trading functionality.

In a statement, David Hagen, Global Director of Trading at Linedata, said, “Linedata Services’ LongView was the first to take full advantage of Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation, to incorporate three-dimensional graphics, live charts, transparency, and animation into our trading system. LongView optimized the trader interface for high performance. Opening up that interface to the possibilities of touch screen trading was a small logical step for the platform, but will be an exponential breakthrough in usability for many users.”

Gavin Little-Gill, Global Head of Asset Management Product Strategy at Linedata added, “Touch screen has given the buy side new ways to interact with novel visualizations for complex data. It also allows users to create custom lenses for how they view the market, to see information and relationships in a way that’s intuitive for them.”

Linedata’s entire front-office solution is touch screen compatible but will also continue to support standard mouse and keyboard access in all current and future versions.