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Ten HFT Debates to Follow on Twitter

The moment Flash Boys hit the shelves Twitter became a battleground for the HFT debate. #Flashboys #HFT

Everyone has their head in a book. You know the one.

Chances are you have read it by now, or at least waiting for the weekend to submerge yourself.

Regardless, at this point you may feel you already know the book's complete contents. A week of lively debates have taken a close look at the information and theories Lewis lays out in Flash Boys.

Debate has been strong, with influential market participants and talking heads rushing to decry or defend high frequency trading's value to the markets. Naturally, Twitter has been a colorful battle ground. We've curated a list of Tweeters who have stepped into the ring.

Two voices outspoken against illegal HFT conduct are Themis Trading co-founders Joe Saluzzi's and Sal Arnuk, authors of Broken Markets: How HFT and Predatory Practices on Wall Street are Destroying Investor Confidence and Your Portfolio.

In a blog post, Saluzzi writes, "The pro-HFT community was well-prepared and launched a consolidated effort to undermine the book even before most of them had even read it."

Larry Tabb, founder and CEO of TABB Group has been stirring the pot. In favor of HFT in the marketplace, he argues there is less front running now than 10 years ago, and without HFT technology traders are simply bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Better Markets, a nonpartisan organization that promotes the public interest in financial reform, has entered the conversation in full swing against HFT. President and CEO Dennis Kelleher has long pushed for regulations and policy to curtail predatory HFT activity. On several occasions Better Markets testified before the Senate and to that effect.

Justin Schack, partner at Rosenblatt Securities has objected to Flash Boys, and has addressed several parts of the books where he questions the "facts" laid out by Lewis.

Pete Najarian, CNBC Fast Money contributor and co-founder of TradeMONSTER and Mark Cuban are disturbed by the bigger regulatory issues they feel are not being properly addressed.

Modern Markets is an advocacy effort focused on demonstrating the benefits of high frequency trading to the modern public markets.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been increasingly vocal about the need to eliminate unfair advantages given to high frequency trading firms.

[For more on this, read: Attorney General Calls HFT Advantages "Insider Trading 2.0"]

Jacob Bunge, reporter for the Wall Street Journal, makes a great point about the top debaters - where are the real executives?

Just like Lewis says in the book, it seems all the people who claim to know what's going on are not the people touching the actions. Finding someone who really knows what's going on is proving difficult. Will we ever hear from those players?

It must be said that for all the excitement the commentary has been generally free of the hyperbole that often clouds complex discussions.

Or maybe not...


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