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BofA MerrillMLXN
www.bankofamerica.com/etsContact:U.S.:212-449-6090; Chicago:866-202-5908; Europe:44-207-996-4521: Japan: 813-6225-8398; Asia: 852-2161-7550Last updated: 06/15/10 10:32:47
Description of Dark Pool
MLXN is a registered ATS which provides liquidity, price improvement and continuous matching opportunities.
Dark Pool Type
Daily volume traded in Dark Pool
Please contact your salesperson
Types of orders traded
IOC, Day, FOK, limit, market, pegged
Can orders "rest" in the dark pool for certain amounts of time? If so, for what set period of time OR can the trader dictate how long the order stays in before it is routed our or cancelled?
We support both resident and transient order types
If crossing, how many crosses daily and at what times?
Continuous Crossing
Does this Dark Pool link to other Dark Pools?
MLXN does not route out to other venues directly. But our smart routing logic infrastructure may access other dark venues for available liquidity.
What is the pricing or rebate structure? How much to remove liquidity and how much to send liquidity?
Please contact your salesperson
Are broker-dealer algorithms permitted in the dark pool?
Does dark pool offer IOIs or Negotiation capabilities?
What anti-gaming technology does the dark pool deploy?
Our Smart Router's anti-gaming logic features include the application of minimum fill size or the exclusion of a venue when pings are detected, limit order participation if price impact is over a configured threshold, and bifurcates order flow based on the liquidity characteristics of each order.
Plans for future enhancements?
Latency improvement and the expansion MLXN to include more international markets