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Patsystems plcRisk product
www.patsystems.comContact:Sean Barry+1 312 542 1347sean.barry@patsystems.comLast updated: 02/26/10 11:30:32
Provision of our Risk Informer product to measure risk in real-time
What risk methodologies are supported?
SPAN, TIMS and other standard exchange methodologies. Client's proprietary methodologies
Is risk calculated in real-time, end-of-day, weekly, monthly, etc?
Real-time and trades are executed and prices change
Is the product offered as a managed or hosted service or an installed solution?
Both. It can be supplied as an installed solution or hosted at our data centres
Does your offering integrate with EMS/OMS platforms?
Can third-party valuation models or other services be incorporated with your product?
What asset classes are covered?
Exchange traded futures and options, FX, FX options, CFDs, Equities, Bonds
What report generation capabilities are offered?
Reports can be generated online using the standard user interface or as scheduled tasks
Number of clients? What types of clients use your service and what geographies are serviced?
We service all goegraphies through our global network. Our clients are leading investment banks, FCMs and other financial institutions
Plans for future enhancements?
Extension to other asset classes