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InfoReach, Inc.TMS
www.inforeachinc.comContact:Sales212-269-2722 Ext.2030sales@inforeachinc.comLast updated: 10/19/09 21:55:57
InfoReach TMS combines order entry, rule-based portfolio trading, order management and FIX connectivity in a single broker-neutral trading platform. Product capabilities include trading of various security types either manually or algorithmically, including global equities, options, futures and FX. Order routing, pre and post-trade analysis, automation of execution algorithms, and real-time position monitoring. While the product offers a broad range of functionality, it can also be easily configured to deliver just a subset of required features.
Name Of Service
What types of algorithms does your firm provide?
TWAP, VWAP, Pegging, Slicing, Shadow, Arrival Price, Pairs, Percent of Volume
What types of orders are offered around your algorithms?
Limit order, Market order, Constraints, Ability to speed up or slow down at different constraints, Discretion, Pegging, Single-stock, Market on open, Market on close, Reserve, Stop market, Stop limit, Trailing stop, Probing - Crossing Order Type
What are your latest algorithm offerings to be released and/or what new algorithms are you working on?
FX and Futures.
Approximate category breakdown of clients
Broker/Dealers: 30%, Hedge Funds: 40%, Mutual Funds: 10%, Proprietary trading desks: 20%
Is pre or post trade analysis available?
Do you offer a front end? If so, what features are included?
API, FIX interface, Aggregation, Blotter, Order routing, Position Management, Risk Management, Basket Trading, Program Trading, Options Trading, Charting, TOM integration, Trade Allocation systems integration.
Do you offer report-generation capabilities?
Do you offer algorithms in other asset classes? If so which asset classes?
Futures, FX and Options.
Are your algorithms available internationally? If so, which markets?
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