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Bloomberg, LPBloomberg EMSX
http://about.bloomberg.com/product_trading.htmlContact:Marc Milgrom212-318-2000Last updated: 07/10/09 16:16:56
Provided at no incremental cost to Bloomberg Professional subscribers, EMSX is the largest independent broker-neutral platform for integrated execution,d data, and analysis of equities, futures, and options globally.
List the primary functionality available on the system?
Trading of listed equities, futures, and options; Global broker network covering 2000+ destinations to all markets; Over 50 algorithmic trading providers with global coverage; Connectivity to major dark pools and alternative liquidity venues.
What order management functionality is included?
P&L, commission entry, blotter export, broker restrictions
Does your EMS integrate with any external OMSs?
Yes, integration is possible with any FIX-compliant OMS for 2-way staging or blotter polling or one-way execution report drop copies, depending on OMS support. FIX or file-based point of trade compliance is also available where supported.
Which version of FIX is run?
4.0, 4.1, 4.2
For which securities is the system designed?
Listed equities, futures, and equity and index options
Does the system handle international securities?
What is the market data source for domestic price feeds? International?
Bloomberg data for all instruments
What size and type of firm is this system ideally suited for?
Any size institutional asset or hedge fund manager trading listed instruments
Can proprietary client algorithms be loaded?
What is the pricing model?
No additional charge to Bloomberg Professional subscribers or to receiving brokers
Future enhancements?
Multi-leg futures and options trading; Pairs trading; Integration with Bloomberg's portfolio and risk analytics; Single stock and portfolio pre-trade transaction cost analysis; Historical order/execution reporting; Custom order benchmarks; and FX trading integration.