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General Associates, Inc.Bond Pricing and Information
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Real Time Price monitoring and FTP Information for NASD-Trace(OTC)Bonds and NYSE ABS listed)Bonds.
Types of bonds traded
NASD Trace Bonds NYSE ABS Bonds
Type of Customer
Asset Managers: NA, Hedge Funds: NA, Other: NA
Pricing Structure
Fee billed quarterly for Internet connection.
Does your system include the following
Pricing data, ALL FILE ARE ARCHIVED Live Daily Running Log of all Trades. Daily Log of all Trades- Sorted Both Alphabetically and Time Received. Snap Shots of all Trades Taken During Specific Times. Cross Reference Table of all Common Bonds that Trade in Both Markets. End of Day Market Composite.
Future Plans
Real Time Data Stream of TRACE and NYSE bond pricing and information for client system connection via the Internet.