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It seems as if nothing can stop the march toward zero latency. The latest battleground in the low-latency arms race is the options markets, which have become the latest exchanges to succumb to market makers' and high-frequency traders' demands for high-speed electronic trading platforms and tools.

In their desire to attract liquidity, the U.S. options exchanges are joining the equity markets in revamping their platforms to minimize latency. Wall Street & Technology's October digital issue examines how exchange operators, broker-dealers, data providers and technology vendors are responding to the ever-increasing need for speed, and provides insight into how the war on latency is transforming the Street.

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In This Issue:

  • THE HIGH-SPEED CHASE FOR OPTIONS LIQUIDITY: Options exchanges are going after market share by upgrading their trading platforms and moving to third-party data centers -- all in the name of lower latency.
  • LEAVING THE NAKED ACCESS BAN IN YOUR DUST: Broker-dealers increasingly are modifying their trading systems with state-of-the-art hardware acceleration and storage technologies in order to provide clients with low-latency market connectivity that complies with the recent naked access ban.
  • IN SEARCH OF HIGH-QUALITY, LOW-LATENCY EXECUTION: Larry Tabb examines the difficulty in sourcing quality liquidity in today's markets and sheds light on three strategies that broker-dealers are employing to improve low-latency execution quality.
  • LOW-LATENCY TRADING IN THE CLOUD? Institutions finally can deploy enterprise-class, cloud-based trading solutions that bridge the gap between the convenience of ASP platforms and the performance of in-house trading systems, according to Portware's Harrell Smith.
  • PLUS:
    • Nasdaq Data in Nanoseconds
    • Goldman Sachs Delivers Low-Latency NBBO Data for Sigma X
    • The NYSE and BATS Get a Faster Connection

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