Ever since Wall Street went digital in the late 1990s, traders have had the pedal to the metal in search of ever-faster executions. But trading near the speed of light can be dangerous. Now regulators are prepared to slam the brakes on high-frequency trading.

Advanced Trading's March digital issue takes a long, hard look at the impact of high-frequency trading on the markets, and examines the various proposals that regulators are considering to slow things down.

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In This Issue:

  • SLAMMING THE BRAKES ON HFT: Fearful that high-speed traders are dangerously out of control, the SEC is prepared to implement curbs to slow down high-frequency trading.
  • THE COST OF TRANSPARENCY: Although the shadowy world of derivatives trading will become more transparent under Dodd-Frank, experts say the market also will fragment, making things more complicated -- and expensive -- for participants.
  • WHY LAUNCHING A HEDGE FUND IS HARDER THAN EVER: Although hedge fund launches are expected to soar in 2012 as a result of the Volcker Rule, getting one off the ground is much more difficult -- and expensive-- than ever before. Here's why.
  • PLUS:
    • Credit Suisse Offers a Drag-and-Drop Alternative for Treasury Trading
    • Are Credit Default Swaps Really So Evil?
    • Providing a Seamless Experience In the Cloud
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