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The financial crisis continues to shine a glaring light on the lack of risk controls on Wall Street, leading regulators to implement stronger governance and transparency requirements and forcing market participants to reexamine their risk management practices. Wall Street & Technology's July digital issue explores some of the innovative ways firms are reining in risk and breaks down the challenges regulators face in enforcing new rules.

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In This Issue:

  • FIRING BLANKS -- WHY REGULATORS CAN'T WIN: Even as the SEC and CFTC ramp up their technology, they still lack the firepower to effectively police the capital markets.
  • RISE OF THE CHIEF DATA OFFICER: More and more firms recognize the need for a chief data officer in order to improve risk management, compliance and efficiency.
  • THE CREDIT CRISIS FALLOUT: Financial institutions are responding to new regulations with new ways of analyzing risk.
  • REFERENCE DATA IS MONEY: Strong reference data management not only improves insight into risks, it is key to revenue generation.
  • GETTING PSYCHED ABOUT REAL-TIME ANALYTICS: Real-time business intelligence helps GAIN Capital manage liquidity risk.
  • 2 HEADS ARE BETTER THAN 1: Information sharing between the government and Wall Street is critical to protecting the capital markets from cyber threats, the DTCC insists.
  • FINAL EXAM: An IT 'stress test' can help firms understand how their technology impacts the bottom line under a variety of market conditions.

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