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Wall Street is built on data. And big data centers have been a major focus -- and expense -- for capital markets firms for years. After a decade of heavy investment and expansion, however, the era of the big data center may be over.

Changing technology, ongoing cost pressures and a new business paradigm are forcing capital markets firms to reevaluate their data center strategies. Wall Street & Technology's July digital issue examines the latest data center operating models and best practices to help you optimize your data center investments and performance.

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In This Issue:

  • RETHINKING DATA CENTERS: In their never-ending quest for better, faster and cheaper computing power, Wall Street firms are rethinking how -- and why -- they build data centers, turning traditional data center models on their heads.
  • IS THE SEARCH FOR LIQUIDITY KILLING THE DATA CENTER? As cost-effective third-party data centers increasingly become liquidity hubs where exchanges house their matching engines and firms colocate their trading strategies to minimize latency, the traditional data center may be vanishing from the Street.
  • NEW FINANCIAL WORLD REQUIRES RADICALLY NEW IT MODELS: Tighter regulations will hurt bank profits, driving more cost cutting and pushing banks into shared IT environments, predicts special contributing editor Larry Tabb.
  • PLUS:
    • NYSE Bets on a Future In the Cloud
    • By Land and Sea: Tapping Mother Nature to Cool Data Centers

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