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Big Data isn't new on Wall Street -- capital markets firms have been managing and analyzing vast amounts of data for decades. But with the rise of electronic trading, algorithms and now high-frequency trading, market data and messaging volumes have exploded.

As a result, winning on the Street increasingly depends on a firm's ability to quickly and efficiently process and interpret an avalanche of data. Wall Street & Technology's December digital issue looks at the tools and strategies capital markets firms are employing to handle the crush of data, identify trading signals, predict market movements and gain an edge.

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In This Issue:

  • MINING BIG DATA ON THE WEB: With the explosion in Internet content, traders and investment managers are looking for tools to help them find a trading edge among the web's vast stores of unstructured data.
  • 5 STEPS FOR TURNING THE DATA CHALLENGE INTO AN OPPORTUNITY: To handle the surge in market data and messaging traffic, capital markets firms must invest in a high-speed data infrastructure. Experts offer five steps to help Wall Street organizations turn data overload into an advantage.
  • DATA IS THE NAME OF THE GAME: There are three ways to play the data game, says Larry Tabb: Faster, Smarter and Dirtier. And more and more, the right analytics tools will separate the winners from the losers.
  • PLUS:
    • The Democratization of Big Data
    • The Rise of Amazon's Financial Cloud
    • Bringing Transparency to Asset-Backed Securities
    • Automating Data Management In the Cloud

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