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Traditionally, Wall Street trading desks developed and used the most advanced technologies, which eventually would trickle down to individual investors. But consumer technologies such as Apple's iPhone and social media sites such as Facebook have flipped that paradigm on its head.

Today, active individual investors are demanding -- and getting -- increasingly sophisticated solutions from their retail brokerages, and the bulge-bracket firms are taking notice. From mobile trading apps to next-generation social networks, Wall Street & Technology's August digital issue looks at the retail tools and best practices that are transforming the ways institutions trade.

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In This Issue:

  • SOCIAL EVOLUTION: With Twitter and Facebook now common on Wall Street, firms are looking to stand out from the crowd by offering a more compelling online experience.
  • THE STREET'S SOCIAL MEDIA ELITE (image gallery): Check out some of the industry's most effective social networkers and see what it takes to join the web's elite.
  • MOBILE APPS INVADE WALL STREET: As smartphone and tablet computer apps continue their march on Wall Street, brokerages are rolling out more-sophisticated mobile trading capabilities -- for retail and institutional clients.
  • THE CONSUMERIZATION OF TRADING TECHNOLOGY: As retail investors' strategies grow more sophisticated, the trading tools for individuals and professionals will converge, says special contributing editor Larry Tabb.
  • PLUS:
    • Video: The Rise of Mobile Trading
    • How Secure Is Your Smartphone?
    • An IPO Tool for the iPad
    • And more...

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