Inside the World's Largest High Rise Data Center

A new 1 million square foot high-rise data center in an old Verizon switching building at 375 Pearl Street opened this week. Here is a view of some of its features -- in pictures.
March 22, 2013

The facility's location, power supply and connectivity to underground fiber make it an ideal location for a data center in New York City, according to Sabey Data Center Properties, the data center's owner. Here is a look in and around the data center, called Intergate.Manhattan.

1.Verizon Tower

Sabey Corp.'s Intergate.Manhattan data center is located in the Verizon Switching tower, located at 375 Pearl Street. The tower has its own Con Ed substation, located on the second floor, as well as extensive fiber connectivity, according to Sabey. All of the buildings power and connectivity are located about the second floor, which prevents flood damage to critical systems during major storms.

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