5 High-Risk Security Blunders of Senior Managers

In a recent survey, many senior leaders admitted to frequently engaging in high-risk behavior.
January 10, 2014

Firms will have a hard time enforcing rules if employees find reviewing information on a personal device is easier.

Nearly 75% of office workers upload files to a personal email account. Thirty-seven percent say it is because they prefer their home computer, and fourteen percent say it's due to the nuisance of carrying a work laptop home.

"The survey results just highlight how this blurring line between work and personal life is increasing risk, not withstanding companies spending a lot of money and attention to security of networks," says Friedberg.

The proliferation of BYOD is further complicating the issue. "To some degree they are encouraging activities that undercut that investment because they are essentially encouraging employees to use personal devices for work purposes."

Read more about this study here.

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