3 Drivers and 3 Barriers to BYO Investing

Happy Users = Productive Users
February 18, 2014

Of course, with even less control of users' devices CIOs see challenges rising in the areas of tech support, licensing and control of sensitive information.

Among other solutions, a containerization or "digital envelope" product enables firms to control the work space on employee's and contractor's devices where data and documents are used. IT can deliver fully configured and licensed desktops, with the ability to make changes, secure and updates the master image down to each user.

Notably, many financial institutions, Moka5's biggest customer base, have found cost savings in licenses and upgrades. Particularly around Microsoft's licensing policy, known to be very odious in the way they handle multiple individual users and multiple devices.

"What happens is companies find they are manacled in terms of inventory, who has a license and who does not. It can be extremely expensive and it's typically wasted money," says Appelbaum. "An employee leaves the company and takes the license with them, or the machine comes back and gets refurbished and rather than reclaiming the license it's put on side until somebody else needs the machine, in which case it's then updated for a fee."

Under a BYO model with a container more licenses have been accounted for in the distributed images, including the versions and levels of activity of each employee. "It's providing more granular control to the enterprise in how they handle licensing," Appelbaum explains.

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