3 Drivers and 3 Barriers to BYO Investing

Happy Users = Productive Users
February 18, 2014

Barriers to BYO initiatives overwhelmingly come down to security. Until recently the beat of IT was "If we don't support it, we better not see it." But interacting with applications and data has become a big deal for security, turning the other cheek is not an acceptable response.

Already 76 percent of the global 1000 permit some form of BYO, finds Gartner.

In an approved BYOD world the challenge becomes corporate versus private, and how to have maintain an acceptable level of intrusion without interfering with family photos and music libraries. And how to satisfy IT that employees are not using DropBox when they shouldn't be, or stop a disgruntled employee from leaving with corporate information.

Despite corporate policies and best efforts to encourage secure behavior employees continue to use mobiles in ways that would give IT groups a heart attack. Data loss and malware introduction continue to haunt CIOs.

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