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4 Data Security Tips For CIOs
Andrew Froehlich, President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate Networks
Security challenges facing CIOs will continue to escalate because the payoffs are high for perpetrators, and risks are relatively low. Here are four tips to help turn your organization -- and your data -- into less appealing targets for the bad guys.
By Andrew Froehlich President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate Networks,
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Heartland CEO: Dealing Honestly With Data Breaches
InformationWeek Staff, Video
At this year's InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas, Heartland CEO Robert O. Carr spoke about how his company publicly confronted a huge data breach that exposed millions of credit card records to cyber-criminals. Is honesty the best policy when it comes to security? Carr thinks it is.
By InformationWeek Staff ,
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Why Kaspersky’s Bank Robbery Report Should Scare Us All
Susan Nunziata, Editorial Director
So, you don't work for a financial institution? Don't think you're off the hook for the kind of theft discussed by Kaspersky. Banks are certainly not the only organizations moving around massive amounts of money every day.
By Susan Nunziata Editorial Director,
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Morgan Stanley Data Theft Exposes Insider Threat & Need for More Restrictions
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
In the wake of Morgan Stanley firing a financial adviser for stealing information on 350,000 wealth management clients, experts say financial firms need to "cloak and contain" access to valuable data.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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4 Mobile Security Predictions for 2015
Mike Raggo, Chief Research Scientist, ZeroFOX (CISSP, NSA-IAM, ACE, CSI)Commentary
As we look ahead, mobility is the perfect breeding ground for attacks in 2015.
By Mike Raggo Chief Research Scientist, ZeroFOX (CISSP, NSA-IAM, ACE, CSI),
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Increasing Cyberthreats Pose Massive Challenge for Financial Firms
Greg MacSweeney, Editorial DirectorNews
Capital Markets Outlook 2015: Financial firms will increase data security spending and also strengthen critical infrastructure as the industry struggles to keep up with the scale and intensity of cyber attacks.
By Greg MacSweeney Editorial Director,
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How Fraud & Cyber Security Will Evolve in 2015
Jonathan Camhi, Associate Editor, Bank Systems and TechnologyCommentary
Banks need to implement new security measures and tactics, and fraudsters are sure to respond by changing their operations.
By Jonathan Camhi Associate Editor, Bank Systems and Technology,
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IEX Bolsters Information Security With Top Hire From BlackRock
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
Benjamin Smith joined IEX as the private trading venue's head of information security last week. In a Q&A, Smith discusses his new role, Regulation SCI, and what exchanges and ATSs can do to combat hackers in 2015.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Wall Street CIOs Have A Vendor Management Problem
Lev Lesokhin, Executive VP, Strategy, CAST
If Wall Street CIOs want to stay ahead of competition and ensure that high-speed trading software doesn't start the next flash crash, they need better insight into vendor-delivered software.
By Lev Lesokhin Executive VP, Strategy, CAST,
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5 Tips On How To Prepare For A Data Breach
Claire Giordano, Senior Director of Emerging Storage Markets |  QuantumCommentary
If you are a financial institution your cyber security defenses will be breached -- again and again. Here are five tips to respond quickly and minimize damage.
By Claire Giordano Senior Director of Emerging Storage Markets | Quantum,
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Voice Biometrics Improve Transaction Monitoring Fraud Detection
Wesley Wilhelm, Lead Fraud Subject Matter Expert, Risk & Fraud Management, NICE ActimizeCommentary
Why voice biometrics should be a part of your fraud prevention strategy in the call center.
By Wesley Wilhelm Lead Fraud Subject Matter Expert, Risk & Fraud Management, NICE Actimize,
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Verifying Behavior, Not Input, to Detect Sophisticated Attacks
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorCommentary
Understanding how users interact with the touch points with biometric information is an increasingly important part of digital security.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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9 Reasons Cloud Security Will Advance in 2015
Rajiv Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, Skyhigh NetworksCommentary
The CEO and CISO become BFFs, and other cloud security predictions for 2015.
By Rajiv Gupta CEO & Co-founder, Skyhigh Networks,
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Boardrooms Are a Critical Line of Defense for Cybersecurity Preparation
Jeffry Powell, EVP, Americas | Diligent Board Member ServicesCommentary
Directors who are familiar with their company’s IT department are better able to determine whether the team is equipped to effectively address cybersecurity.
By Jeffry Powell EVP, Americas | Diligent Board Member Services,
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Neglecting SAP Security Could Cost $22M Per Minute
Juan Pablo Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO, OnapsisCommentary
SAP systems has grown in complexity, making it difficult but essential to secure the interconnected parts.
By Juan Pablo Perez-Etchegoyen CTO, Onapsis,
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5 Common Misconceptions About BYOD
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorCommentary
These are the five most common myths about BYOD, according to Vox Mobile's Andrew Bisesi.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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Facial Analysis: Wall Street's Next Big-Data Tool
Jeff Bertolucci,
Researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology are analyzing facial expressions of corporate execs, as well as other data streams, to forecast stock market trends.
By Jeff Bertolucci ,
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'Enlightened' Non-IT Execs More Likely To Run Secure Organization
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorCommentary
Do senior executives understand their role in data security? On the whole, unsurprisingly, no.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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You’re Doing BYOD Wrong: These Numbers Prove It
Bogdan Botezatu, Senior E-threat Analyst, BitdefenderCommentary
Almost 40% of users who connect personal mobile devices to corporate networks have no lock-screen mechanism set in place.
By Bogdan Botezatu Senior E-threat Analyst, Bitdefender,
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The Focus on Data Security Shapes 2015 Hedge Fund Tech Trends
Grigoriy Milis, Chief Technology Officer, Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA)Commentary
With tougher penalties associated with exposure of client information on the horizon, firms will need to examine the steps they must take to protect this data from attack.
By Grigoriy Milis Chief Technology Officer, Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA),
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