June 10, 2010

ZL Technologies, a provider of archiving and e-discovery software, announced new enterprise-class social media archiving capabilities via the integration of FaceTime’s Unified Security Gateway.

Responding to guidelines recently introduced by FINRA regarding the need to develop policies around the capture and retention of any potentially business-related social media communications, ZL said its customers will now be able to manage all electronic content including email, files, IM, SharePoint and social media using the single repository, policy engine and search interface of ZL Unified Archive.

“As social media communications are brought into the regulatory and legal sphere, there will be an increasing demand to manage this content like any other electronic business record,” Scott Redding, Avondale Partners LLC, said in a release. ZL Unified Archive is an archiving platform that consolidates and manages an organization’s digital information, including email and files, while delivering solutions for e-discovery, regulatory compliance, records management and storage optimization.

The integration of FaceTime’s Unified Security Gateway enables ZL customers to monitor and capture social media communications, which can then be retained, classified and managed in ZL Unified Archive. This new capability reflects the expanding demand for electronic records management across a range of data types. “Social media use is driving new measurable new business development opportunities and enabling customer support at a rate that is outpacing many organizations’ abilities to implement adequate policies and controls, especially for regulatory compliance,” said Mark Sheridan, VP of business development for FaceTime Communications.

“FaceTime’s Unified Security Gateway solves these archiving and e-discovery problems by controlling and capturing social network content and activities, and by integrating them seamlessly into ZL’s Unified Archive. The combination of FaceTime’s USG and ZL’s Unified Archive offers real protection for organizations in heavily regulated industries like financial services or energy.”

Kon Leong, chief executive officer of ZL Technologies, added: “ZL Technologies has long endeavored to provide our customers with a single, comprehensive archiving solution for their regulatory compliance needs. We are grateful to FaceTime for enabling our customers to leverage the ZL solution with other relevant data sources such as social media.”

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