September 23, 2009

Trading Technologies International has released its Autospreader Strategy Engine (SE), a server-based implementation of its Autospreader application for spread trading.

Autospreader SE pushes execution from the desktop to the server to lower latency and improve scalability. It is the first in Trading Technologies’ new Strategy Engine (SE) line of server-based execution products for optimal performance and speed.

Tom Haldes, Senior Product Manager of Automated Trading at Trading Technologies, said in a statement, “Autospreader SE runs the same execution logic as the desktop Autospreader, with improved performance due to its multithreaded concurrent architecture. In addition, Autospreader SE significantly reduces price and order latency over desktop-based solutions because the execution logic is situated in very close proximity to the exchange's matching engine.”

Autospreader SE can analyze and react to price movements on Trading Technologies supported exchanges. It is built into Trading Technologies’ X_Trader Pro electronic trading platform and requires the latest version of X_Trader 7.7.