January 21, 2014

OneMarketData has partnered with Wall Street Horizon to incorporate historical references, including corporate earnings data, into their tick data management feed. This will enable clients to correlate earnings announcements with subsequent moves in stock price.

The partnership was driven by client demand, offering a peak at the emerging quantitative strategy being employed by researches and traders.

"Quants continue to seek rich data sources that can drive better investment decisions. Corporate events, and announcements ahead of the events, can have a significant impact on strategies,'" said Barry Star, managing director at Wall Street Horizon in the press release. "The declaration of a dividend or confirmation of an upcoming earnings date as well as the actual release of earnings, or the declaration as well as payment of a dividend, all present opportunities to trade on or step away from volatility. We’re pleased to bring accurate and detailed event-driven data to the OneQuantData platform."

Louis Lovas, director of solutions, OneMarketData explains the historical reference data will enhance its reference and pricing data repository, OneQuantData, and be loaded into OneTick, its stream-based processing and tick data management solution that already delivers multiple data types including daily pricing and trading volumes, splits, dividends, name changes, product information, and more.

Lovas adds that after two years of having the OneTick data project the biggest feedback from large institutional clients was for earnings data to feed their trade models. The resulting partnership with Wall Street Horizon, announced Tuesday morning, will be a welcome addition to their data aggregation for strategy development and back testing.

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