March 27, 2012

AIR is JP Morgan's latest addition to J.P. Morgan Access, its web-based platform for multiple information, compliance and portfolio management applications.

This new technology facilitates consolidation of data and generation of reports across alternatives products via a single reporting platform irrespective of fund structure, according to company claims.

"Alternative Investment Reporting is an integral part of our alternatives roadmap as it provides our hedge fund, private equity and real estate clients with a single front-end interface irrespective of fund type. This solution highlights our continued commitment to providing two-way communication and transparency to our fund administration clients," says Stephanie Miller, global head of Alternative Investment Services for J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services.

Some key features include:

Dashboard: provides access to key summary metrics such as top holdings, top capital flows and workflow status without the need to run a full report. Supports drilldown from summary level to detailed portfolio information

Workflow: provides clients with the ability to monitor key operational processes and deliverables such as valuations and capital events. Enables clients to actively participate in the workflow process by uploading/downloading reports, providing on-line approvals, rejections and commentary

Dynamic Reporting: provides clients with a reporting interface enabling efficient real-time access to a comprehensive list of reports in multiple formats and the ability to extract key data

Document Repository: provides clients with a centralized storage point for critical documents

"As a result of an increased regulatory focus coupled with expanding investor and portfolio demands, our top priority is to provide clients with easily accessible real-time secure information that is essential to their business objectives," says Maryann Simmons, alternatives market executive for the Americas for J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services.

J.P. Morgan's Alternative Investment Services administer approximately $500 billion in client assets.