November 12, 2009

Aksia, a New York-based research and advisory firm that vets hedge funds for institutional investors — which sent a memo to clients the day Bernard Madoff was arrested stating that Aksia has always steered investors away from the Madoff feeder funds — has today entered an agreement to provide research to clients based on hedge fund position data from Measurisk, an affiliate of J.P. Morgan. Measurisk models the full positions of over 1,000 hedge funds.

Jim Vos, CEO of Aksia, cited Measurisk's ability to price and model complex instruments including OTC derivatives, credit instruments and non-listed securities as a reason for this selection.

Aksia provides manager, strategy, and portfolio-level research and advisory services to clients such as pensions, endowments, foundations and insurance companies. Measurisk services include market and security data collection, management and storage of position level data that is received directly from custodians, prime brokers and administrators, and access to a team of analysts for support and analytics insight.