5 Things To Know About Big Data & Marketing

Financial services marketing does not have a great relationship with IT. That needs to change.
December 07, 2013

Steps for Transformation

There are 5 critical steps marketers can make to transform what they do for customers. All involve joining forces with IT to maximize value of big data.

1. Get smart. Get strategic. Encourage focus on critical strategy. Build a vision of the ideal customer experience. Work with the business functions to craft that journey.

2. Tear down silos organizationally and culturally. Discuss shared objectives and find common ground in a business language. Matrix the organization so that a function in IT reports to marketing and vice versa to cross-pollinate departments.

3. Untangle the data hairballs. The data hairball is a mess of interactions, applications, and data that flows through various departments. Unchecked, it embodies the threat of big data overload. Build a data strategy and untangle the hairball with a marketing technology platform to find insights, adjust campaigns and optimize marketing spend.

Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value can be purchased here. All profits are donated to the Red Cross.

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