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Financial Services Institutions Gear Up for Social Intelligence
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
Social media has mainly been a marketing effort in financial services, and many firms are not tracking ROI. Yet, some are deriving value from analysis of social data, whether it's sentiment analysis for trading or credit risk in lending.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Julio Gomez Joins Knowledgent as Industry Strategy Partner
Greg MacSweeney, Editorial DirectorNews
Julio Gomez, the founder of Gomez Inc., has joined data analytics firm Knowledgent as industry strategic partner for financial services.
By Greg MacSweeney Editorial Director,
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The Digital Trends for Data-Driven Markets in 2015 & Beyond
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorCommentary
Top marketing trends for social, mobile, advertising, and digital analytics, according to Teradata's Michael Lummus
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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Jefferies Selects Markit for TCA as a Neutral 3rd Party
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
As Jefferies beefs up its algorithmic trading business, the broker chose Markit to provide trading metrics and reports to the buy side.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Understanding Agricultural Data Means Standing in the Field
Corey Cherr, Head of Agriculture and Weather Research and Forecasts, LanworthCommentary
Combining the best of new technology with good, old-fashioned walk-the-fields crop tours turns information into insight.
By Corey Cherr Head of Agriculture and Weather Research and Forecasts, Lanworth,
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BNY Mellon Aims to Tap Data Science Talent In Silicon Valley
Greg MacSweeney, Editorial DirectorNews
Looking for new ideas and talented data scientists, BNY Mellon has opened an innovation center in Palo Alto.
By Greg MacSweeney Editorial Director,
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The Value of Predictive Analytics in Financial Services
Ingo Mierswa, CEO and Founder, RapidMinerCommentary
Risk management and customer data are two key areas where data analytics is being applied in financial services.
By Ingo Mierswa CEO and Founder, RapidMiner,
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How Big Data Analytics Helps Financial Institutions Navigate Today’s Regulatory Maze
Drew Rockwell, CEO , Lavastorm AnalyticsCommentary
As firms work to meet new regulatory reporting requirements and keep pace with constant change, it all comes down to harnessing data.
By Drew Rockwell CEO , Lavastorm Analytics,
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The Inefficient Back Office: A Checklist of Pain Points
Ian Danic, Executive Director, Electra Information SystemsCommentary
Many firms consider their reconciliation process fully automated, but "automated" doesn't necessarily mean "efficient."
By Ian Danic Executive Director, Electra Information Systems,
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Finance’s Role in Managing the Ever-Growing Volume, Variety & Velocity of Data
Scott Brennan, Managing director of Accenture Strategy’s Finance & Enterprise Performance groupCommentary
Today's financial firms have done little to harness the power of big data analytics, finds Accenture, but CFOs are stepping in to help guide the organization and its future investments.
By Scott Brennan Managing director of Accenture Strategy’s Finance & Enterprise Performance group,
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How Big Data Will Influence the Financial Space in 2015
Al Nugent, Chief Operating Officer , Adaptive ComputingCommentary
Without faster and better analysis and visualization tools, financial institutions will be unable to comprehend relationships or patterns that exist within the data, defeating the point of using it at all.
By Al Nugent Chief Operating Officer , Adaptive Computing,
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Chief Data Officers: Organization Strategy & Cultural Change
Andrew Waxman, Thought LeaderCommentary
Chief data officers are new to the financial services C-suite, but they are facing a number of challenges, including the need for new data governance and execution strategies, staffing, and new organizational structures to enable cultural change.
By Andrew Waxman Thought Leader,
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Micro Data Challenges in an Era of Macroprudential Regulation
Ken Rossiter, Senior Product Manager, SunGard's MarketMapCommentary
Research and statistical analysis experts at central banks are tasked with developing sophisticated forecasts and models to identify systemic risk. Yet they are spending most of their time acting as data entry clerks, rather than developing these models.
By Ken Rossiter Senior Product Manager, SunGard's MarketMap,
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Teradata Highlights 'Data Driven' Strategy at PARTNERS 2014
Becca Lipman, Senior EditorNews
In-memory efficiency and tools to identify contextual relationships across systems take center stage at Teradata annual PARTNERS conference.
By Becca Lipman Senior Editor,
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The Perks of 'SmartSourcing' Shared Services in Financial Industry
Michele Trogni, Head of Enterprise Services at MarkitCommentary
A breadth of vital but undifferentiated business processes are still being replicated across the industry. They are all candidates for centralization.
By Michele Trogni Head of Enterprise Services at Markit,
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SIFMA Criticizes SIP Selection Process for Lack of Transparency
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
Citing conflicts of interest in the voting process for a key market data feed, SIFMA letter presses for answers and for brokers and asset managers to get a seat at the table.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Cross-Asset Universal Product Identifier: The Solution the Industry Is Looking For?
Jim Bennett, Managing Director, Sapient Global MarketsCommentary
A UPI will enable a holistic approach to identifying all trades and positions. While such an idea sounds great in theory, historical attempts at achieving global agreement have fallen short.
By Jim Bennett Managing Director, Sapient Global Markets,
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No More Muddling Through Data Governance
Rob Daly, JournalistCommentary
Regulations are forcing financial firms to formalize their enterprise-wide data management processes, often through the CDO's office.
By Rob Daly Journalist,
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State Street Operates an Internal Social Network to Spark Innovation
Ivy Schmerken, Editor at LargeNews
At the InformationWeek Leadership Summit at Interop New York, David Saul, chief scientist of State Street, said companies must tap their employees for innovation, or they are wasting resources.
By Ivy Schmerken Editor at Large,
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Raising the Data Management Stakes
Greg MacSweeney, Editorial DirectorCommentary
Data management can get firms only so far. Advanced data analytics is needed for all business lines and for calculating risk, especially with BCBS 239 on the horizon.
By Greg MacSweeney Editorial Director,
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