October 15, 2009

Mismi, a call-market crossing solution scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter, has licensed OneMarketData’s OneTick Database for data management, analytics and complex event processing.

The OneTick data management solution will also support its algorithmic trading and its pre- and post-trade reporting as well.

Leonid Frants, founder and principal of OneMarketData, said in a statement, “We are pleased to provide a solution that will empower Mismi to harness the power of its data. With OneTick Database, Mismi will be able to capture, store, retrieve and analyze real-time streaming and historical market data for all its algorithmic trading and trade reporting needs.”

Added Andrew Papandreadis, president of Mismi, “At Mismi, we are committed to empowering our users to preserve predicted returns and meet critical investment objectives while trading. With OneTick, we can better meet this goal by performing critical trade reporting to ensure our platform meets the needs of all clients and users.”

The OneTick Database lets clients leverage a graphical user interface to access all data including equities, fixed income, futures, FX and options as well as full order book data. In addition it uniformly compresses, stores and analyzes all types of data.