• Believe the hype. Capital markets firms are deploying cloud-based applications and services in a variety of ways. Cloud offers the promise of break-through technology economics so organizations can reduce maintenance spending and increase expenditures on innovation. However, security concerns and portability issues — the ability to easily switch cloud providers — must be addressed before capital markets firms move to cloud on a larger scale. At Wall Street & Technology's Capital Markets Cloud Symposium, you will hear from leading capital markets IT executives who will discuss how their organizations have addressed these concerns and have successfully deployed cloud-based services.

    At the Capital Markets Cloud Symposium, speakers will discuss:
    • Data Portability: Breaking Vendor Lock-In
    • Break-Through Cloud Economics: Leveraging Cloud to Increase Innovation Spending
    • Name Your Price: Consumption-Based Cloud Pricing
    • Will Cloud Kill The Corporate Data Center?
    • First to Market: Cloud for Analytics and Data Management
    • 2 Prerequisites for Cloud: Virtualization and Parallelized Software
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