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 Greg MacSweeney

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Editorial Director
Member Since: 5/8/2014
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Greg MacSweeney is editorial director of InformationWeek Financial Services, whose brands include Wall Street & Technology, Bank Systems & Technology, Advanced Trading, and Insurance & Technology.

Articles by Greg MacSweeney

A Wild Ride Comes to an End

Covering the financial services technology space for the past 15 years has been a thrilling ride with many ups as downs.

Technology Innovation Returns to Financial Services

Capital Markets Outlook 2015: Following a few years dominated by regulatory compliance and cost saving technology initiatives, financial organizations are finally investing in innovative technology and tools.

Global Banks Need to Demonstrate RDA Progress in 2015

Capital Markets Outlook 2015: As the January 2016 deadline approaches for BCBS 239, also known as risk data aggregation, banks need to make sure they have a definitive RDA plan, and can show regulators they are getting closer to their compliance goals.

Fidelity Labs Launches Oculus Rift Investment Visualization App

Fidelity Labs, the R&D think tank inside of Fidelity Investments, has launched StockCity for Oculus, a tool that combines virtual reality with data visualization to transform an investor�s stock portfolio into a city that conveys information about stocks without a single number or percentage.

The Bankerless Bank

Regulatory upheaval has distracted banks from developing innovative technology. When will banks return their focus to building technology for competitive advantage?

Get Ready for RDA

The deadline for Risk Data Aggregation (RDA) is approaching quickly. Is your bank ready?

Raising the Data Management Stakes

Data management can get firms only so far. Advanced data analytics is needed for all business lines and for calculating risk, especially with BCBS 239 on the horizon.

Big Data Takes Center Stage at Sibos

Banks are rolling out data analytics projects across the business, but leaders still struggle with data privacy, regulations, and finding business value.

The Future of the CIO

Today�s chief information officers are no longer hardcore technologists. And they aren�t pure business leaders either. They need to have excellent business and technology acumen to succeed.

Security Beyond the Firewall

With more and more mobile devices in use each day, the traditional corporate firewall's limits have been exposed.

Innovation Is Hard

Although everyone talks about innovation, actually doing it requires commitment, funding, and a long-term outlook.

Inside the NYC FinTech Startup Scene

The financial services entrepreneur scene in New York is growing rapidly. Here is one of the many startup shared offices in midtown Manhattan.

Nasdaq OMX Blazed Datacenter Hosting Trail 10 Years Ago

Ten years ago Nasdaq OMX moved its matching engines and corporate technology to a Verizon datacenter. The decision turned heads in the financial services world. Today, the practice of utilizing third-party datacenter services is becoming commonplace.

What Is The Cloud, Anyway?

Since financial services firms have a high exposure to cloud-based services and applications, it's helpful to know what the cloud is and how it operates. This infographic helps with the basics of the cloud.

Rethinking The Financial Services Data Center

Shifting market dynamics, cost pressures, and maturing technologies are forcing financial services organizations to re-examine their love affair with the traditional datacenter.

Community Chatter: Most Commented Articles of 2013

When community members start commenting on an article, the comments usually come in bunches. This year articles about cybersecurity, high-frequency trading, Elizabeth Warren and big data generated a lot of interest and comments. Here are the articles you were talking about in 2013.

Big Data For Intelligent Trading?

Technology has almost advanced to the point where trading strategies can use big data without negatively impacting latency.

What's In Store For 2014?

Although markets continued to surge in 2013, this year was mostly a forgettable one for financial services technologists. CIOs are hoping for brighter IT fortunes in 2014.

Open Source Hardware Becoming A Reality

With budget pressures mounting, financial services firms are turning to user-developed open source hardware standards to help manage enterprise IT costs.

Bloomberg Tradebook Like You've Never Seen It Before

Bloomberg Tradebook held its second annual Charity Day on its trading floor in New York. Sean "Diddy" Combs, CC Sabathia, Mark Messier and other celebrities attended the charity fundraiser/costume party to help raise over $1 million in commissions for six different charities.

The IT Brand Is Broken

In order to repair IT's reputation, technology leaders need to understand the business and become the first choice of users, not the last.

Fintech: Crisis Brings Innovation

In the years since the financial crisis, companies have worked to find open source alternatives to enterprise hardware, such as servers, switches, sensors and data storage.

IT Is The Business

Much like its peers do with complex financial products, Bank of America's technology infrastructure team "marks to market" its technology offerings.

Is The NSA Hacking SWIFT?

SWIFT says it has no evidence its systems were breached, but documents show SWIFT and Visa are targets of the NSA, according to media reports.

The Bite Of New Market Realities

As trading volumes plummet, exchanges are looking for new sources of revenue. One of the most popular new sources is technology.

Bloomberg Spygate Lights Up Twitter

News that Bloomberg allowed its reporters to access certain Bloomberg Terminal client data sent the Twitter world on fire. Then, news broke that Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan had contacted Bloomberg asking for an explanation, which fanned the flames. Here are some of the most interesting Tweets about the Bloomberg snooping scandal.

Big Data Could Transform Global Financial Markets

Analytics unlocked by big data technology could change the way that financial services firms do everything from asset allocation to customer service, according to a report from BNY Mellon.

Financial Services Trust Index Debuts

New quarterly TRust Index leverages proprietary data, analytics, news and social media sentiment to help determine confidence in the world's financial institutions.

Industry Inertia Hampers E-Trading

Institutional traders see some value in fixed income electronic trading, but a lack of a regulatory push and the desire to maintain existing business models is causing inertia in the move to electronic trading methods.

Isn't HFT Getting A Little ... Nuts?

In the HFT game, the number of big-time players seems to be thinning. What can firms do to capture a piece of the shrinking HFT pie?

Inside the World's Largest High Rise Data Center

A new 1 million square foot high-rise data center in an old Verizon switching building at 375 Pearl Street opened this week. Here is a view of some of its features -- in pictures.

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