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 Greg MacSweeney

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Editorial Director
Member Since: 5/8/2014
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Greg MacSweeney is editorial director of InformationWeek Financial Services, whose brands include Wall Street & Technology, Bank Systems & Technology, Advanced Trading, and Insurance & Technology.

Articles by Greg MacSweeney
posted in November 2009

Dubai's Debt May Hurt Banking Recovery

The state-owned company Dubai World wants more time to repay its debt. Given that it owes at least $59 billion to creditors, there are concerns a wave of defaults could be on the way.

Economists Upbeat About Jobs

The National Association of Business Economists (NABE) has upgraded its employment forecast for 2010.

New Asset Bubbles May Be Growing

There's growing concern that the world's central banks are flooding financial institutions with too much cash, setting the stage for another asset-bubble burst.

New Task Force Targets Financial Fraud

Following a rise in Wall Street trading scandals, the Obama administration announced a new inter-agency task force to crack down on financial fraud.

Did Geithner Do Right By AIG?

A report from the TARP Inspector General Neal Barofsky suggests the government overpaid a good deal to rescue AIG.

Techy "Brains" Behind Madoff Ponzi Scheme Arrested

One of the unanswered questions surrounding the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme was how did Madoff fool so many people for so long? Well, in addition to a lot of charm, charisma and leveraging his good reputation in the industry, Madoff also had help from a couple of programmers who allegedly falsified records to fool SEC inspectors. In fact, it's playing out just like a Hollywood movie script. The face of the operation (Madoff) supposedly had help from a couple behind the scenes programmers who help

Hedge Fund Copycats Show Promise

Reuters columnist Christopher Swann says that hedge fund replication could make hedge fund-style strategies available to Joe Public - reducing retail investors' almost total dependence on stocks. Hedge fund replicators' fees are much lower (around 1 percent) and they don't lock up capital for long periods of time. However, the replicator funds are relatively new and it's hard to gauge how they will perform in the long term.

Making Sense of the Jobless Recovery

Even with advanced technology initiatives under way, many firms are taking a cautious approach to hiring during this long recovery.

Investors Demand Hedge Fund Transparency

Institutional investors are already demanding more transparency from hedge funds. Not to be outdone, regulators are readying new rules for hedge fund reporting.

Social Networking Is Here to Stay

Social networking is changing the way consumers, investors and traders interact and share information. But all companies are struggling to show how the technology is actually adding to the bottom line.

Dark Pools Seek Limited Transparency

Dark pools provide institutional investors with a valuable venue for trading large blocks of securities. But new regulations may change the way market participants interact with anonymous trading venues in 2010.

Investment Managers Remain Bullish

The portfolio managers surveyed in Barron's latest Big Money Poll think stocks could move 10 percent higher by June 2010, but the danger signals are rising.

Big Chill Seen if Bear Stearns Managers Walk

Reuters Columnist Matthew Goldstein says too little attention is being paid to the criminal trial of of former Bear Stearns managers charged with lying to investors in the spring of 2007 about the health of once-giant hedge funds.

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