Frank J. Casale

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Founder & CEO The Outsourcing Institute and The Institute for Robotic Process Automation
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Frank believes the network effect is a powerful accelerator for learning, sharing and establishing effective business channels. Prior to launching the Institute for Robotic Process Automation, Frank founded The Outsourcing Institute, a global network of over 70,000 outsourcing professionals. He also runs Casale Management Services, a retained search and recruiting firm focused on those who buy, sell or manage in areas of complex technology, such as cloud, outsourcing, big data, cyber security, mobility and process automation. Frank has been featured on CNN and CNBC and has served as a commentator for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, FORTUNE magazine and The New York Times. Frank has been recognized as reliably anticipating market developments and business trends that work to increase the overall efficiency, speed and success of sourcing transactions and relationships.

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