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The SEC Registration Survival Guide

As a result of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, most hedge funds have to register with the SEC by July 2011. Here’s everything funds need to know about registration and how to remain in compliance with SEC rules.

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Catching Up with Portware’s Harrell Smith

I caught up with Harrell Smith, Head of Product Strategy for Portware yesterday. We chatted about the world of high frequency trading, of course, as well as what Portware is working on in the coming months. The company has a lot on its plate and according to Harrell, has experienced 40% growth this year despite the woes that most other technology and trading firms are experiencing. That growth is coming from smaller proprietary shops as well as larger sell side institutions. In fact, Harrell sai

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Sybase Working on Hedge Fund Analytics Solution

Yesterday I was invited to lunch with John Chen, CEO, Chairman and President of Sybase. Greg MacSweeney, Editor in Chief of Wall Street & Technology and I, dined with him downtown at Harry's, where we spent a good hour and a half discussing Sybase's plans for the financial services vertical.

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Fidelity Launches Liquidity Seeking Algos

Jeff, Brown, Senior Vice President of Electronic Brokerage Services at Fidelity Capital Markets Services, stopped by our offices today to chat about some of his firm's new areas of focus. The newest innovation is their three new liquidityseeking algorithms. (Back in June, I had written that these were being developed when I wrote a story, and created a photo gallery of Fidelity's new New York trading floor
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Chicago Pit Traders Coming to Hollywood in Floored?

If you're in Chicago, you might be able to catch the last night of a week premier of Floored tonight, a movie about the near extinction of Chicago pit trading. The movie takes a look at the personalities behind trading and how electronic trading changed their world. I haven't seen the movie, but the trailer looks captivating. A Barron's column, by Steven M. Sears, describes it as: His camera captures lots of broken men. Some are deformed by the pursuit of money; others struggle to rei

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Chi-X Europe Names Alasdair Haynes CEO

Chi-X Europe Limited, operator of the largest pan-European equity multilateral trading facility (MTF), today announced the appointment of Alasdair Haynes as Chief Executive Officer, subject to standard regulatory approvals.

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Ten Take Aways from Our Trading Summit

I just got back from Advanced Trading's fourth Buy Side Trading Summit. And although the event is off the record (no reporting using trader's or company names - a way to ensure the buy side feels free to open up -) I figured I'd share the top general takeouts from the event.

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Bloomberg Enhances CMBS Tools

Bloomberg has further enhanced its analytical tools for the CMBS market with the introduction of new capabilities that allow users to view more information around an issue based on detailed economic and interest rate conditions.

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London Stock Exchange Crashes Again

The London Stock Exchange crashed yesterday due to a technical problem related to a server. The outage affected one in twelve stocks for 40 minutes from 3:04 until the market closed. Check out this story on the outage.)

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Chi-X Europe Launches Chi-Delta Pricing Promotion

Effective from today through the end of the year, Chi-Delta executions resulting from passive orders (non-IOC or FOK) will be charged 0.15 basis points, a reduction from the standard 0.3 basis points. Executions resulting from aggressive orders (IOC or FOK) will continue to be charged 0.3 basis points.

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StreamBase Connects to Canada's Pure Trading

StreamBase’s connectivity to Pure Trading reflects the exchange's goal of enabling the Canadian trading community to take advantage of cutting-edge trading technologies, while delivering cost savings and enhancing the competitiveness of the Canadian markets.

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HFT: A Natural Evolution?

High-frequency trading did not spring up out of nowhere -- as the media coverage sometimes makes it seem -- but the practice's future holds many questions.

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Madoff Workplace Allegedly Rife with Cocaine, Sex

And the saga continues. CNN's Chloe Melas reports on a recent lawsuit filed by former Madoff investors claiming that "Madoff's workplace was rife with cocaine and sex." The 264-page law suit claims Madoff "financed a cocaine-fueled work environment and a "culture of sexual deviance."" The complaint alleges Bernard Madoff Investment Services was known by insiders as the ""North Pole", in reference to the excessive amount of cocaine use in the work place." The law suit also claims that "Madoff di

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BOX Names New CEO

The Boston Options Exchange (BOX) has named Tony McCormick as its Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

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Penson's Letter To SEC On Matt Taibbi

Check out this developing story on Penson Financial Services, which was accused of a serious securities law violation (approving a large naked short) by Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi. Penson wrote a letter to the SEC denying any wrong doing. Here is a story that appeared in The Business Insider that recounts what happened. Why Penson's Letter To SEC On Matt Taibbi Changes Everything

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TradingScreen Launches TradeSmart X

The new TradeSmart X integrates into a single interface major functionality enhancements for liquidity access; execution management; cross-asset class trading and reporting delivered with a new look and feel.

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