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As the Senior Editor of Advanced Trading, Justin Grant plays a key role in steering the magazine's coverage of the latest issues affecting the buy-side trading community. Since joining Advanced Trading in 2010, Grant's news analysis has touched on everything from the latest innovations in electronic trading, to how new regulations will impact hedge funds and traditional asset managers. He has also written extensively about high-frequency trading, exchanges, and dark pools. Following his graduation from Long Island University in 2006, Grant also worked as a reporter at Reuters, and as a member of ABC News' Investigative Unit.

Articles by Justin Grant

New Life for Knight?

Amid reports that Knight Capital received new financing, TD Ameritrade and Scottrade will resume routing through the embattled broker.

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Wall Street’s 5 Biggest Tech Fails

As the Knight Capital trading fiasco once again proved, in the race to be first, crashes will happen. But slowing down today’s high-speed marketplace would be akin to going back to the Stone Ages for market participants. High-speed trading is here to stay, and strategies will continue to grow more complex. But over the past two years, there have been a number of high-profile incidents in which an inability to harness the latest technologies that power our markets has cost industry players

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Knight's Chances of Survival 50/50

As the firm scrambles for ways to shore up its capital base following a devastating $440 million trading loss, a source says Knight Capital's chances of survival are no better than 50 percent.

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Would The Markets Benefit From a Mandatory Lunch Break?

In an interview with Advanced Trading Frank Partnoy breaks down why the markets need a mid-day breather, why flash crashes are inevitable in a complex system like the current marketplace, and why algorithms like the one Waddell & Reed used on May 6, 2010 are no longer in use.

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Why Speed Traders Slow Down On Purpose

In his new book "Wait: The Art and Science of Delay," Frank Partnoy breaks down why even though speed is the lifeblood of a high-frequency trading operation, slowing down by a few milliseconds can mean bigger profits.

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Hedge Fund Lone Pine Capital Opts for SS&C's Form PF Tool

Starting next month, hedge funds with at least $22 billion in assets under management will need to begin filling out Form PF, which is designed to monitor the risks posed to the nation's financial system by hedge funds, private equity funds, and other large private funds.

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