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Ivy is Editor-at-Large for Advanced Trading and Wall Street & Technology. Ivy is responsible for writing in-depth feature articles, daily blogs and news articles with a focus on automated trading in the capital markets. As an industry expert, Ivy has reported on a myriad number of topics including high frequency trading, algorithmic trading strategies, market structure, electronic trading in fixed income , colocation in data centers, Dodd-Frank regulation and the new derivatives landscape. Ivy meets with software companies and other innovators and writes about cloud computing, OMS/EMSs and other financial technologies.

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posted in July 2007

Private Markets Threaten Exhanges

If companies continue to choose to raise money via private placements rather than via IPOs and electronic venues fuel a secondary market, what will the future hold for the exchanges?

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Direct Edge CEO Launches Bill's Emails

Today is William (Bill) O'Brien's first day on the job as CEO of Direct Edge ECN. He began this new role by reaching out to the trading community of current and potenital customers with an email that explains why he is returning to the ECN world.

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NYSE Euronext Develops Dark Pool for Crossing Portfolios

By the end of this summer, NYSE Euronext is expected to launch NYSE MatchPoint - a point-in-time benchmark crossing-network geared to large index funds and mutual funds looking to matching portfolios of stocks. The move follows the rapid proliferation of dark pools accounting for as much as 12 percent of U.S. stock trading volume according to research by the TABB Group.

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BATS Reacts to Changes at Direct Edge

BATS Trading had a reaction to yesterday's blog that Citadel Derivatives is investing in Direct Edge ECN and that its parent Knight Capital is seeking to build a consortium of direct investors to grow the ECN's liquidity and might eventually consider exchange status. Even though Direct Edge appears to be taking a page from BATS' own strategy, here's what BATS Trading VP, Randy Williams, had to say:

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BIDS Trading Exceeds 20 Million Shares in Block Volume

Even though the nascent block-crossing venue has plenty of competitors in the ATS space including Liquidnet, ITG POSIT, NYFIX Millennium and Pipeline Trading, BIDS appears to be building momentum right out of the gate because of the liquidity pools and customer bases of its strategic partners.

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On Point Executions Launches Options Smart Order Router

On Point developed the options smart order router in response to clients that were experiencing latency in routing orders to options exchanges and also having problems with the options industry linkage program or being held hostage to liquidity at a single venue.

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CME-CBOT Merger Sparks More Takeover Talk

Given the reality that consolidation of exchanges is moving like a baseball player on steroids, it's logical that the new combined company, CME Group, a CME/CBOT company, would be considering its next target.

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Risk Indicator Detects When Hedge Funds Trading Illiquid Securities Are Smoothing Returns

With the near collapse of two hedge funds last month at Bear Stearns Asset Management from investments in complex mortgage backed securities, risk management experts are pointing out the hazards of valuing illiquid securities. Recent research by Riskdata, into a sample of over 1,000 hedge funds reveals that at least 30 percent of hedge funds trading illiquid strategies are smoothing returns

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XBRL - Breaking Into the Equity Analysis Bastion

By Raghuvir Mukherji Senior Consultant, Financial Securities Domain Competency Group Infosys Technologies Ltd. After giving traders and order routers a bad scare in the form of algorithmic trading, technology is now in a position to threaten equity analysts, or make their job simpler, depending on where one is in the equity analysis 'value chain'. The advent of the internet and the use of
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