April 27, 2005

Automated Web-Based Reports

Kledaras Technologies launched CecilRep 2.0, an enhanced version of its portfolio reporting technology that allows asset managers to automate the creation of secure reports over the Web in real time. "The idea is to ... lower the costs around reporting," says George Kledaras, founder and managing director of Kledaras Technologies.

Investment managers often rely on portfolio accounting and database vendors to generate portfolio reports for institutional clients, according to Kledaras. But, "It has become very cost prohibitive," he says.

With CecilRep 2.0, firms can scan multiple accounting systems, databases and data feed sources, send them to CecilRep via the Web and quickly receive formatted reports that pull together years of data, Kledaras relates. This is impossible to do with database technology, which is too rigid for ad hoc searches, he contends.

Kledaras charges a flat fee per user, per year, and there is no limit to the amount of data used to create reports. To ensure security over the Internet, the product incorporates identify and access monitoring and management appliances from New York-based Bayshore Networks.

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