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Asset Management

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* Linedata Services announce that Glasgow-based Britannic Asset Management implements the LongView 2000 trade-order-management system. * JPMorgan announces that it has acquired Investia's majority holding in FundsHub. * CheckFree Investment Services announced the launch of DL-Recon.

Linedata Services announced that Glasgow-based Britannic Asset Management has implemented the LongView 2000 trade-order-management system. Britannic Asset Management originally selected Linedata Services' LandMark trade-order-management solution in late 1999 to support their centralized dealing function. After using the LandMark system to great advantage, Britannic began implementing Linedata's newest system, LongView 2000, in mid 2001.

JPMorgan announced that it has acquired Investia's majority holding in FundsHub, Europe's outsourced fund-supermarket-solutions provider. FundsHub's management and employees will also take an increased stake in the business. JPMorgan is buying founder-shareholder Investia's holding in FundsHub for an undisclosed sum. The FundsHub management team and JPMorgan, via JPMorgan Investor Services and JPMorgan Partners, are injecting sufficient new capital into the business to take it through to profitability.

CheckFree Investment Services announced the launch of DL-Recon, a standalone PC-based-workflow solution that permits institutional money managers to streamline andautomate reconciliation of position and transaction data on the CheckFree APL platform with selected custodians. DL-Recon eliminates the manual, time-consuming and oftentimes error-prone outcome of comparing printed reports with hardcopy-custodian statements. Clients electing to utilize DL-Recon, download account information from both CheckFree APL and respective custodial databases, match positions and transactions to reconcile with custodian records, review any uncovered variances, edit APL records with a GUI-based point-and-click tool, and post corrections back to APL automatically.

www.AdvisorAvenue.com announced its public launch of online publishing, document distribution and networking services for investment advisors, financial planners, investment companies, investment managers and research or newsletter publishers. AdvisorAvenue serves investment professionals who want to use the Web to educate and inform prospective clients about the markets, product alternatives, and their expertise and to identify and develop relationships with other types of investment businesses and professionals that can help them succeed.

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Top Quotes of the Week
Top Quotes of the Week
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