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Content tagged with Exchanges posted in December 1999
Trading Technologies to Link with ISE
News  |  12/17/1999  | 
Trading Technologies is developing an API that will serve as a gateway to multiple U.S. equity markets.
Amex Seeks Competitive Edge by Giving ePriority to Electronic Orders
News  |  12/17/1999  | 
The American Stock Exchange has announced plans to give priority to orders routed electronically in a pilot program dubbed eQPriority.
NYMEX Inches Closer to For-Profit Demutualization
News  |  12/17/1999  | 
The NYMEX is evaluating a demutualization proposal that calls for the exchange to convert its members' seats into two classes of stock and create a for-profit, Delaware incorporated holdings company.
Communications Hubs Takes SFE Overseas
News  |  12/17/1999  | 
The Sydney Futures Exchange has opened up two new communications hubs in Hong Kong and in Tokyo.
As Part of its Electricity Strategy, NYMEX Eyes Creation of an OTC ECN
News  |  12/13/1999  | 
The (NYMEX is considering a proposal that would divide its planned all-electronic electricity market into three units: a holding company, an electricity exchange and an OTC ECN.
NYMEX Board Approves IT Revamp and Creates All-Electronic Energy Market
News  |  12/13/1999  | 
The NYMEX has approved a strategy to overhaul its information technology division and is drawing closer to demutualizing.
After-Hours Trade Facility Proposed by NexTrade CEO
News  |  12/13/1999  | 
During a conference session at the Financial Technology Expo in New York, NexTrade CEO Mark Yegge addressed the issue of market-fragmentation.
CBOE Puts For-Profit on the Backburner
News  |  12/13/1999  | 
The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) is taking a wait-and-see approach toward demutualization.
The Quest to Kill 390
News  |  12/7/1999  | 
As more and more NYSE members grab stakes in ECNs, the death of the Big Board's Rule 390 grows nearer. The rule's elimination could yield reduced trading costs for members and increased listed order flow for ECNs.
Monsters and Other Exchange Goblins
News  |  12/7/1999  | 
The role the exchange will play in the future is the subject of debate.
Nasdaq Chief Reveals His Global Game Plan
News  |  12/7/1999  | 
Frank Zarb chairman and CEO of NASD talked about the plans to link Nasdaq's Asian, European and American markets.
A Conversation With Scott Gordon
News  |  12/7/1999  | 
Merc grabs more global allies, considers for-profit conversion.
The Great Auction---Issuing Shares and Enticing IT Talent
News  |  12/7/1999  | 
Despite all the talk about exchanges issuing IPOs, the reality is that markets like the Nasdaq and the CBOT are leaning more toward private placements than public offerings. Simultaneously, as they evaluate different for-profit schemes, some exchanges are planning to offer stock to employees, particularly high-level IT staff.
Davidge to Develop Connectivity Software for ISE
News  |  12/7/1999  | 
The soon to be launched International Securities Exchange has hired Davidge Data Systems to develop order routing connectivity software for its OM Technology-supplied trading engine.
Montreal Exchange Rolls Out Omnivex Plasma Displays
News  |  12/6/1999  | 
The Montreal Exchange is upgrading its trading pit application displays with plans to install a new Omnivex gas plasma display in its equity derivatives trading pit before the end of the year.

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