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Content tagged with Trading Technology posted in May 2012
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5 Technology Adoption Tips for Portfolio Management Platforms
News  |  5/31/2012  | 
Consider the following top five recommendations from Celent, Cornerstone Revolutions and AZA Capital Management experts for smoothly transitioning to a modern portfolio management platform.
Citi Expects 66 Percent Drop in BlackBerry Use After Implementing BYOD Strategy
News  |  5/31/2012  | 
Financial firms once supported only the BlackBerry, but now Apple's iOS and the iPhone and iPad are gaining momentum across the Street.
Morgan Stanley Moves to Increase Stake in Smith Barney
News  |  5/31/2012  | 
Morgan Stanley will buy another 14 percent of joint venture Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, starting what could become a negotiation to purchase the rest of the retail brokerage from Citi.
RIM Running Out of Options
News  |  5/31/2012  | 
BlackBerry maker Research In Motion may be running out of options as it struggles to turn around its slumping fortunes with the help of a coterie of investment bankers.
A Modern Trend: Suite-Based Portfolio Management Systems Are The Latest Must-Have for RIAs
News  |  5/31/2012  | 
While many RIAs still struggle with manual, outdated or disparate systems, firms such as AZA Capital Management are transitioning to integrated suite-based portfolio management solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs and enable growth.
Is Co-Sourcing The New Outsourcing for Asset Managers?
News  |  5/30/2012  | 
Co-sourcing could be a model that both large funds and start-ups consider as they grapple with uncertain economic conditions.
'Corzine Rule' Proposed for Futures Brokers
News  |  5/30/2012  | 
Under a proposed rule, futures brokers would need to get approval from a top executive before making big withdrawals from customer accounts.
Betting on a Further Facebook Fall
Commentary  |  5/30/2012  | 
The options markets do not have high hopes for the social media giant. Next stop: $10 a Share.
Big Data's Role in Meeting Compliance and Regulatory Challenges
Commentary  |  5/29/2012  | 
Responding to the changes in the financial industry with yesterday's data capabilities will place financial institutions at a disadvantage. Utilizing big data technologies can help firms meet financial reporting requirements, says DataArt's Oleg Komissarov.
How to Land a Technology Job on Wall Street: Inside an Elite Wall Street IT Education
News  |  5/29/2012  | 
To secure the next generation of IT talent, capital markets firms are aggressively recruiting graduates from the top technology schools. But landing a tech job with a Wall Street firm takes more than good grades.
Cheated Again: Madoff Victims Receive Millions Less Than Trustee
News  |  5/29/2012  | 
Irving Picard’s fee is a huge $850 an hour. But is he worth his weight in gold?
Facebook's Market Maker Losses to top $115 Million
News  |  5/29/2012  | 
Four of Wall Street's major banks involved in Facebook's botched IPO expect their losses from technical glitches on Nasdaq's exchange to be around $115 million.
Citi Seeks Its Next Act in Wealth Management
News  |  5/29/2012  | 
As Citigroup prepares to exit its ownership in brokerage giant Smith Barney, the bank is aiming to hire 800 brokers by 2014 to build what it hopes will become a significant U.S. wealth management business.
FIX Protocol Ltd. Updates Guidelines for Venue Reporting
News  |  5/29/2012  | 
The industry standards body published revised guidelines today to provide buy-side firms with more consistency and transparency into execution reporting, including enhancements for European equity markets.
Meet the Hedge Fund Manager on the Other Side of the JPMorgan Bet
Commentary  |  5/29/2012  | 
His name is Boaz Weinstein and he turned Jamie Dimon's lemon of a bet into sweet lemonade.
How to Climb the Wall Street Corporate IT Ladder
News  |  5/29/2012  | 
Even as layoffs lay waste to financial services payrolls, top IT pros remain in strong demand. Here are the skills -- including Big Data and social media -- workers need to survive and thrive in a modern Wall Street IT organization.
How to Manage Millennials: Harnessing Their Adaptability, Flexibility and Connectivity
News  |  5/29/2012  | 
Millennials have gotten a bad rap as poor performing, high-maintenance employees. But they can bring a lot of value to the IT workforce — if managers know how to connect with them (literally and figuratively).
Why Do Retail Investors Always Seem to Get the Shaft?
Commentary  |  5/25/2012  | 
Facebook's botched IPO is the latest example of how small investors often get a raw deal in today's marketplace.
NYSE Euronext Opens Liquidity Center to Third-Party Service Providers
News  |  5/25/2012  | 
The move is a response to customers’ requests for lower costs for a range of market services, including colocation.
Financial Crisis Has Been Brutal to Top Woman Executives
News  |  5/25/2012  | 
The latest casualty: Ina Drew, the head of JPMorgan Chase's chief investment office, who departed last week after the bank suffered mammoth trading losses.
Morgan Stanley Adjusting Some Facebook Trades
News  |  5/25/2012  | 
Morgan Stanley will adjust thousands of trades to ensure outstanding limit orders to sell will be filled at no more than $42.99 a share for Facebook stock from last Friday's botched initial public offering.
From Facebook to Quants -- The Top Quotes of the Week
Slideshows  |  5/25/2012  | 
It wasn't all Facebook, Facebook, Facebook this week, although you could be excused for thinking that this was all anyone was talking about. Along with a badly bungled IPO, we found scintillating quotes about insider trading, quants vs. humans and a passionate defense of private equity from an unlikely source in a presidential election year. Enjoy AT's Top Quotes of the week -- and remember to have some fun this Memorial Day Weekend.
The Facebook IPO Debacle, JPMorgan Deja Vu, What Will RIM Do With the BlackBerry? and More Quotes of the Week
Slideshows  |  5/24/2012  | 
Facebook's flubbed IPO, too-big-to-fail banks, RIM/Blackberry's future, JPMorgan's financial circus deja vu and the euro's coming armageddon are just a few of the quotes that made it to this week's quote roundup.
Facebook: The Strangest IPO of All Time?
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
Technology glitches, insane valuations, secret disclosures and high-frequency trading have all played a part in the Facebook IPO soap opera.
Funniest Reactions To Goldman Sachs' First Tweets
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
Goldman Sachs has finally started tweeting, leading to a flurry of reactions on Twitter and elsewhere.
Goldman Sachs Starts Tweeting, With Mixed Results
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
With its first tweet, Goldman gained 7,000 followers.
Fidelity Facing "Thousands" Hit by Facebook Woes
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
Fidelity is working with "thousands" of brokerage clients affected by trading issues that have engulfed Facebook's IPO.
Knight Capital Hit by Possible $35 Million Facebook Loss, Wants Nasdaq to Pay
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
Electronic trader Knight Capital said it suffered a pre-tax loss of $30 million to $35 million on the botched Nasdaq trading debut of Facebook.
U.S. Tech Worker Shortage Looms, Study Warns
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
Tech-industry backed group says U.S. is losing the global battle for tech talent to countries that welcome skilled workers with open arms. But not everyone is convinced of a talent shortage.
Quant Looks for Human Touch
Commentary  |  5/24/2012  | 
The man who brought quantitative trading to Goldman Sachs is starting a new fund with greater oversight of the process - by real people.
Fisher Investments Opens Sydney Office
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
With a new Australian subsidiary, the money manager is looking eastward.
Ex-Millennium Collison Shuts Asia Hedge Fund
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
The closure is the latest in a growing list of hedge funds to shut shop in the region.
Fidelity Works to Calm Customers' Facebook Concerns
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
Nearly a week after the initial public offering of Facebook, Fidelity Investments signaled it is still dealing with customer confusion over whether they actually own shares in the social media company.
Wall Street Unfazed on Euro Zone Worries
News  |  5/24/2012  | 
U.S. stocks was little changed on Thursday in volatile trading as ongoing concerns about Greece's possible exit from the euro zone and tepid data on the U.S. economy gave investors little reason to take risk.
Millennials May Be the Cure for the IT Talent Shortage in Financial Services
Commentary  |  5/23/2012  | 
CIOs need to learn what makes Millennials tick, or risk missing out on the tech-savvy skills the ME Generation brings to the table.
Nasdaq: Looking Back In Dismay at Facebook IPO
News  |  5/23/2012  | 
Had we known then what we know now, we would have delayed the IPO, a senior exec says.
More Wall Street Execs Are Fighting The SEC
News  |  5/23/2012  | 
The SEC is currently actively litigating about 90 cases, up more than 50 percent in the past year.
Wells Fargo Has A Different Kind of Risk Management
News  |  5/23/2012  | 
Wells Fargo & Co doesn't employ the same kind of hedging strategy that has triggered a trading loss of at least $2 billion at rival JPMorgan Chase & Co, the bank's chief risk officer said.
SEC Looking at JPMorgan's Financial Reporting
News  |  5/23/2012  | 
The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission told lawmakers that her agency is probing JPMorgan Chase and Co's financial reporting and emphasized that big banks are required to publicly disclose changes to the models they use to measure risk.
China Embarks on Sweeping Brokerage Sector Reforms
News  |  5/23/2012  | 
China's securities regulator is planning to introduce a raft of reform measures to transform the brokerage sector, with an aim to create globally competitive investment banks, a regulatory document showed.
Oaktree Io Invest $225M in Diamond Foods
News  |  5/23/2012  | 
Diamond Foods said on Wednesday that Oaktree Capital Management will invest $225 million in the company to recapitalize its balance sheet.
Nasdaq Struggling with Aftermath of Facebook IPO
News  |  5/22/2012  | 
Nasdaq OMX faces short-term costs from its botched handling of Facebook shares on their first day of trading but the longer term repercussions could be more expensive as it struggles to restore its image.
CFTC Investigating JPMorgan's $2 billion Loss
News  |  5/22/2012  | 
The head of the CFTC confirmed that the regulator is investigating JPMorgan Chase's recent losses that may exceed $2 billion on trades tied to credit derivatives.
Bloomberg LP Moves Into EDM Market, Acquires PolarLake
News  |  5/22/2012  | 
The acquisition, a rarity for Bloomberg, aims to establish a strong enterprise data management business for the global market data solutions provider.
Causeway Capital Updates Trading Platform
News  |  5/22/2012  | 
Omgeo and Blackrock Push for T+O in Taiwan
News  |  5/22/2012  | 
Omgeo is working with investment managers across Taiwan, including Blackrock, the world's largest money manager, to eliminate inefficiencies and trade fails through same day affirmation of trade details on T+0.
7 Tips for Moving to a Global Shared Services IT Model
News  |  5/22/2012  | 
Vanguard CTO and principal of global investment systems Carol Dow shares insights gained during the firm's multiyear transition to a global shared services IT model.
Consolidating IT: Vanguard Leverages Advances in Bandwidth and Optimization Technologies
News  |  5/22/2012  | 
In addition to cloud technologies and virtualization, global firms such as Vanguard are leveraging advances in bandwidth and optimization technologies to consolidate international IT operations into a single organization and shared data center.
Clearing as a Catalyst: FX Forwards, NDFs and FX Swaps Join the Modern Age
Commentary  |  5/21/2012  | 
The more-robust capturing, reporting and clearing of FX forwards, NDFs and swaps should be counted as one of the more positive aspects created by the Dodd-Frank process, says Tabb Group CEO Larry Tabb.
Streamlining the Program Execution Path Is the Shortest Distance to Faster Trades
Commentary  |  5/21/2012  | 
While capital markets firms obsess over their proximity to exchange matching engines in order to reduce latency, reducing the program execution path may be a better way to slash milliseconds off of executions.
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